WARNING: Niantic will sue players who use Fake GPS in the Videogame

It took almost 3 years for Niantic to decide to make a significant change in Pokémon GO . This is because the home developer of augmented reality games will demand users who cheat on the title using Fake GPS .

Since Pokémon GO was launched in 2016, users have complained about players using the ‘ Fake GPS ‘ to trick the augmented reality game and hatch eggs without having to walk, participate in events even though it does not start in their country, capture creatures in other regions, fight gyms, and more.

According to these complaints that have been years, Niantic would have filed a lawsuit against Global ++ , a hacker association known for making changes to Pokémon GO and Ingress so that players have unfair advantages over others.

The information about Niantic’s demand was reported by Business Insider, in which it states that the developer also added that this group of hackers is monetizing their project illegally, since users acquire subscriptions to these applications that generate a lot of profits.

On the other hand, Niantic pointed out that Global ++ was already working on a version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , the new augmented reality game from the creators of Pokémon GO , which has not been released so far.

Pokémon GO

n addition, Pokémon GO Hub , known portal of the augmented reality game, reported that the demand put by Niantic has made the Global ++ site and the Discord account of this app have been eliminated, stating that this action was motivated by legal obligations.

This is how Niantic makes war on hackers who encouraged users to cheat within Ingres Progress and Pokémon GO for many years.

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