Team Rocket appears in Pokémon GO on a real hot air balloon

Pokémon GO is one of the protagonists of the day. With the conclusion of the  Pokémon GO Fest in Dortmund it was decided to celebrate the end of the event in style. Never better said, since a giant aerostatic balloon flew over the German city to the amazement of all the players.

The balloon appeared through the skies and immediately everyone recognized the great R engraved on it. The Team Rocket Pokémon GO could reach over the next few days or months. It seems that Niantic is preparing a great event to welcome them.

When the Pokémon GO Fest was about to end, participants were asked to come to take a picture of all of them. At that time, the Team Rocket balloon appeared and surprised fans of the nintendo franchise. This is not the first case in which Team Rocket is seen lately. During the Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago, the photos taken with the AR mode began to appear members of the evil Pokémon team.

The signs of the arrival of Team Rocket to Pokémon GO are also based on the data found in the game files . The dataminers found almost two dozen pokémon with “dark” versions and new battles related to the famous criminal group. Everything seems related to a special event.

Before the obvious signs of his arrival, Anne Beuttenmüller, marketing director of Niantic said:  We have great things to come. You will be delighted with everything new that will come. 

The exact date of this new event is not known, but it is clear that Team Rocket takes off again, specifically towards the screens of our phones. Today it has been announced that Mewtwo Armored arrives at Pokémon GO in a new special event . The next big Pokémon catch festival will take place on July 21 on Community Day . 

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