July Community Day : Mudkip will be the Pokémon for Community Day +VIDEO

Niantic has also revealed the date for the next July Community Day, discover all the details below.

Community Day in Pokémon GO has already been almost transformed into a ritual for regular players in the advanced reality app developed by Niantic. On a monthly basis, a Saturday transforms for a few hours into a community meeting moment and features a prominent Pokémon to catch and also learns a special move as it evolves into its last form.

On this occasion, Community Day of July will take place on the 21st of that month, from 16:00 to 19:00 hours in each country, regardless of where they are or the time zone of their location. This marks an hour later than the usual time for previous Community Days.

During July Community Day, the featured Pokémon will be Mudkip, the initial Third Generation Water-type Pokémon.

You will also have chances to appear in your Variocolor version and, as you evolve from Marshtomp to Swampert, you will learn a special movement that has not yet been revealed by Niantic.

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