How to launch the Pokéball in double bounce in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Go: users are enjoying the EX raids and the various events to make time before upcoming news of the videogame Niantic, which promises a lot of fun this Halloween with events and some other surprise. While the time comes for more news and events, users are spending the last hours trying to replicate a new release of the Pokéball that has been discovered, and that is so complicated to make that few people have been able to replicate it, do you Cheers?.

The launch of the Pokéball in Pokémon Go is a fundamental technique if what we want is to capture all kinds of creatures that we find, either by a normal or curved shot, and under different types of balls. Either way now you can perfect your technique with the launch of the Pokéball double bounce in Pokémon GO, and we tell you that is very difficult to achieve.

Then we tell you what this is about the double bounce launch on Pokémon GO and as (try) get it to show off with your friends.

How to launch the Pokéball in double bounce in Pokémon GO.

What is this particular launch?

The idea is to launch the Pokéball to bounce twice describing a curve on the screen, measuring well the pressure, curve and launch power. At the moment there seems to be no clear technique to do so.

What do you get with the double-bounce launch?

Nothing in particular. Nor will it make it easier to capture Pokémon, nor does it raise the percentage of catch in the launches. It is only a visual watermark with which you can boast in social networks or in front of your friends.

How do you do this double bounce with the Pokéball?

There is no concrete technique to do that. Or at least no one has been able to explain it to everyone. What is sure is that you should describe a curve in the launch under a specific angle to determine to achieve this effect, and so we get a shot where the Pokéball bounce twice over the head of the creature to capture it.

This way you need technique, angle, effect, synchronization, reflections and much, but very lucky.

If you know how to make the launch with double bounce in Pokémon GO, we encourage you to leave us your comment and tell us exactly how you did it.

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