You can find Deoxys in its four forms in Pokémon Go[PHOTO]

On the occasion of the Ultra Bonus 2019 event, you and other trainers in Pokémon Go will be able to face Deoxys in one of the multiple raids, and then capture it. Here are some tips to make this task much easier.

In this event we can find Deoxys in its four forms: normal, attack, defense and speed. This Pokémon will appear in level 5 raids and it will be much easier to defeat him if you join with at least five more trainers, as long as they are level 40 and put together a well-balanced team with Pokémon.

Once you defeat this creature from the Johto region you will receive stellar dusts, experience and Honor Balls. After that you will enter a special event to catch it. If you are looking to focus on the competitive part of the game, the defensive version of Deoxys is the one that works best in this aspect, since it has 1,500 PCs.

Remember to be precise in your movements and have a cold mind, since Deoxys is very elusive and can hit your pokeballs preventing their capture.

You will have a good period of time to make this raid, as it will be available until September 16.


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