Will Niantic eliminate PokéStops and disable gyms for hours? [PHOTO]

Niantic eliminate PokéStop and disable

Niantic must pay a demand of 4 million dollars and would be considering eliminating thousands of PokéStops and disabling gyms for hours in Pokémon GO.

One of the most popular cases of 2016 in Pokémon GO has just been resolved in the United States. This is because Niantic , a study that created the augmented reality game, will have to pay 4 million for a lawsuit it received from people who said they had gyms and pokéstops near their homes. Given this, the creator of the mobile application would already be considering eliminating thousands of pokéstops and disabling gyms for hours within the video game.

The first week of the 2019 Ultra Bonus event is about to end, which forced Pokémon GO users to go to their favorite places where there were several pokéstops together to use the bait module and be more likely to get Sentret and Gligar shiny. However, they realized that these pokéstops were no longer in place, as they had been removed without notice.

This drastic decision taken by Niantic goes back to 2016, when the study received a class action lawsuit for 12 people in California for “property invasion.” This is because homeowners claimed that Pokémon GO users were heading to their homes asking permission to let them play in their yards to capture creatures in the augmented reality game.

This has definitely meant many problems for Niantic , since it will have to pay 4 million dollars . However, this money will be distributed to the various law firms that have participated in the lawsuit, while the plaintiffs will receive $ 1,000 each from the creator of Pokémon GO

As part of this, Niantic has also made drastic decisions in Pokémon GO , which will generate some discomfort among users of the augmented reality game, but will prevent the studio from receiving more demands. In addition, the study already has a database with complaints dating back a year to prevent the creation of poképstops and gyms in these places.

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