Why The Nerf Should Be Removed In Pokemon GO!

We will be doing something a little bit different than what we normally do.

Today, we will be focused a little bit more on a discussion slash a rant specifically talking about why I do not think that the nerf should be occurringin Pokemon go and for those of you who are not aware of what I’m talking about any time a Pokemon is predetermined to be above 4,000 CP Niantic applies a 9% nerf to its stats the overall thought is that it’s going to provide a balance but I’m going to explain today why I don’t think that is actually the case and then especially since we have seen some updates to the CP formula and then we’ve also seen some things like PvP being added in I think that this really does need to be addressed.

Sooner rather than later, but yeah we’re going to go ahead and get into the video I definitely want to know what you think about it in the comments section below especially after you watch some of the video and if you do enjoy topics like this definitely make sure to LIKE and subscribe but without further ado let’s go ahead and get into the video so first things first what pokemon are typically penalized by this nerve although the 4,000 CP threshold is not limited to a specific type of Pokemo.

For example:

There are a couple of non Legendary’s like slacking right but for the most part the most Pokemon affected are legendary Pokemon, you have a Pokemon like mu. For example; if you didn’t know this its initial attack stat or what it should be before an ERV is actually 330 yet once it gets that 9% nerf it gets  bumped down to a flat rate of 300 on its attack set and it definitely gets hit significantly right yet another Pokemon that could be in the exact same category a non legendary Pokemon.

If it’s below that 4,000 CP maybe if an if it is theoretically at 3999 CP it will not be nerfed closing the gap like I said before the initial thought behind this is it’s meant to provide multiple options it’s supposed to keep it away from just one specific Pokemon being the king of king but I don’t think that is actually the case.

I want to go ahead and showcase a couple of examples for you a couple of classic examples, so let’s go ahead and take a look so for example we’re gonna pull up a pokémon like Garchomp and Groudon so for Garchomp it’s not going to receive a nerve yet for Groudon, it’s going to receive a nerf and if you take a look at some of the stats you’re gonna run into a couple situations where the overall kind of distance between them is tightened up significantly but if you were to look at the pre nerve stats.

I mean Groudon spinal attacks that should have been 297 and that is clearly going to outpace that 261 for Garchomp secondarily you have a pokémon that Rayquaza and Salomon’s check this out 312 versus 277 but because Rayquaza ends up getting the nerf you’re stuck with a 277 versus a 284 that is massive that is definitely closing the gap now.

Why is that an issue? well if you look at it from just an on paper standpoint and you say: hey if you catch yourself with Salomon’s at level 20, if you catch a Rayquaza at level 20 it’s going to cost the same amount of started us and it’s going to cost the same amount of kt for you to get it up to level 40 and hey; I can obviously not argue that but what I can argue is that it is much more difficult to get the resources for a legendary pokemon, specifically related to the candy you’re having to go out and do rage you’re having to pay for raids to be able to get yourself the candy for that pokemon and that’s only if it is actually in as a raid boss but as you know and they tend to cycle them in and out so what you’re left with is having to get a bunch of rare candy and then dedicating it to a specific Pokemon meaning you’re spending money, you’re spending time, you’re spending resources to be able to get it which is much more difficult than a non legendary Pokemon that you can catch in the wild whether Busan at level 35 and then when the performance really isn’t that big of a difference you’re stuck asking yourself the question should I power up a legendary Pokemon.

And yes, I have talked about this in the past but I think that this nerve is actually the answer to solving the problem of why legendary Pokemon are not really worth it to power up currently in Pokemon go if we were to remove the nerve all of a sudden these legendary Pokemon would in a way have the shackles removed from them and their performance would move up immediately and if you want to argue that there is a balance issue; I would say that that is okay for there to be a discrepancy in the overall performance of legendary versus non legendary because in the current way of you receiving the resources for a legendary Pokemon it is way more expensive than a non legendary Pokemon.

Just imagine this, just in the real world if you have an option that’s way more expensive you would expect a higher performance, you would expect a higher value, you would expect all these things, because you’re paying more for it. For example; you are paying more for a legendary Pokemon but because of the nerfs being applied to them you’re really not getting that extra performance they’re really in shackles not able to perform.

As well, I personally think that it would make sense to go ahead and just release the nerf get rid of it completely maybe when we get further into the game and we’re talking about mega evolution Pokemon origin Pokemon, we’ve already seen guarantee an origin form. For example: when we start seeing those types of Pokemon maybe then you apply the nurse just because they’re CP goes absolutely crazy off of those variations but just the base legendary forms I think they should be left alone it’s just it blows my mind that this nerf is still in effect. It’s been there pretty much the whole time and then now moving forward so many changes have occurred, you’re gonna run into so many weird situations trying to revert it.

 I’m worried that they’re just never going to undo it for example if you have a Pokemon in the great league and it’s CP is at 40 98 let’s say you a bigger off,  well because slacking already got its nerf it would if it were too unnerved that would mean it see if he would go up and you’d be above 1500 CP rendering it.

Useless, since we can’t scale our CPS downward at least now I think that there’s gonna be some problems in changing this but I just don’t think it ever made sense in the first place, remember garden said that hopefully I kind of made sense with what

I was talking about, I definitely wants to know what you think about it in the comment section below should there be a nerf should there not be a nerve what are your thoughts on this definitely let me know in the comments section below and I will see you next time.

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