Update of the 4th Generation of Pokemon Go

The new generation of ‘ Pokemon Go ‘, brings a lot of evolutions of Legacy Pokemon and a new Pokemon baby.

In the new list of the 4th generation of ‘ Pokemon GO ‘, there is a lot of evolution of Pokémon that intersect with their previous generation. Players must wait 107 new Pokémon. 94 of them are Unlegendary [VIDEO], 29 are trans-generational evolution and 13 are legendary. That means the total amount of Pokémon that will be in the game after the release of the new update will be 493. Therefore, there will be more Pokémon in the game, which will make the game more difficult for players. Players are encouraged to start saving their candy for the future.

Niantic reveals new Pokémon of the 4th generation and new Pokémon baby.

In 4th Generation , many current Pokémon will get all the new evolution unlike 3rd Generation.

Some of these are great, while others are powerful. Some Pokémon of the first, second and third generations have a new evolution in the 4th generation. The PokémonMagneto evolves to Magnezone, Lickitung to Lickilicky, Rhynhorn evolves to Rhyperior, Tangela to Tangrowth, Elekid evolves to Electabuzz in Electivire, Magby in Leafeon and Glaceon, Porygon evolves Porygon 2 in Polygon-Z.

In the second generation, Aipom evolves towards Ambipom, Yanma in Yanmega, Murkrow evolves to Honchkrow, Misdreavus in Mismagius, Gligar evolves towards Gliscor, Sneasel in Weavile, Swinub evolves Piloswine in Mamoswine, and Togetic evolves in Togekiss.

Finally, in the third generation Ralts and Kirlia evolve in Galae, Nosepass evolves in Probopass, Roselia in Roserade, Duskull and Duskclops evolve in Dusknoir, and Snorunt evolves to Froslass.

In the 3rd generation there were only two baby Pokémon, while in the #4th generation, there are five new Pokémon of this type that include Mime Jr. (Baby Mr. Mime), Bonsly (Baby Sudowoodo), Mantyke (Baby Mantine), Munchlax (Baby Snorlax) and Happiny.

More Pokémon releases are likely to make the game harder.

According to some players of ”Pokémon GO”, the game will be very frustrating once the new Pokémon of Generation 4 are published. Your reason is that there will be more Pokémon to catch and it won’t be easy. For example, you need to catch a Elekid/Electabuzz more to develop your Electivire; It will be very frustrating when all you need is that last Elekid/Electabuzz and maneuver to be able to capture the 491 Pokemon that will be available in this new update.


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