Ultrabonus Pokémon GO the First preview

Ultrabonus, During the summer Niantic started for the third year the special challenge regarding the GO Fest and the anniversary of Pokémon GO. This year the announcement has been divided into two parts, leaving key points for its development by August 20.

This announcement has not been made public in the different versions of the official page of Pokémon GO staying with two versions of it that inform us of the following:

The Ultrabonus will consist of three weeks which each will offer different bonuses among which we find regional Kanto region, new Pokémon and Mythic in raids.

The first week takes place on September 2 at 22.00 Spanish time until September 9 at 22.00 Spanish time giving rise to the start of Ultrabonus. This first week has the following:

  • Johto’s Pokémon spawn surge.
  • New Pokémon Never seen in eggs.

With regard to new Pokémon Never seen in the eggs, the inclusion of Mime Jr. is speculated in order to have the baby version of the European region of Kanto taking into account factors that we will discuss later.

The second week begins on September 9 at 22.00 Spanish time and ends on September 16 at 22.00 Spanish time. This second week consists of the following:

  • Pokémon from around the world? There is speculation of the regional available during this week as a bonus although there is no official data yet.
  • Mythical Pokémon available in raids

This mythical Pokémon is known to be sinister thanks to the leak that is in the Japanese post of the official website of the game.

The last and third week takes place from September 16 at 22.00 Spanish time until September 23 at 22.00 Spanish time. This week is the most interesting giving rise to an interesting inclusion of the 5 generation according to the speculations of several Reddit users.

Unusual Pokémon will appear in the wild during this week. 
Notable opponents are also reaching the raids. 
During the event, you can also add some Pokémon to your Kanto Pokédex that previously eluded you in your part of the world. 
Venture to take on challenges and make discoveries. 
As always, happy exploration, coaches!

As we can see new Pokémon are coming but they will also be released to Kanto regionals worldwide during this week that if we intuit that Mime Jr will be available during the first week we will be able to register the entire Mr Mime family worldwide. Recall that Mime Jr is not activated by what this theory is only proposed by users of social networks and Reddit. What do you think?

This is not the only theory since some Reddit users have shared an image where they report that the English text if we put together the initial of each sentence will form the word UNOVA name of the 5 generation region in the United States. Suggesting some users that the Pokémon Never Seen from the third week will be of this generation.

For now, most data are simple assumptions, so you have to wait until August 20 and know the latest details of this Ultrabonus.

Do you think we will have a new Mythic Pokémon in raids without special mission? Will we have Mime Jr in eggs? 5 generation Pokémon in the last week of September? Leave us your opinion in the comments.

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