Pokémon GO Dataminers discover news related to Adventure Sync

The truth is that the dataminers of popular games like Fortnite or Pokémon GO do not rest and thanks to them we can know information about the titles even before it is announced official.

This is the case of the latest news we have received in relation to Pokémon GO. It seems that they are related to the function of Avdenture Sync, introduced into the game some time ago and that allows us to hatch Eggs and generally travel distances without having the application active.

The Chivas dataminer has now discovered this information in the recent update that has been released for the title:

  • New function of Adventure Sync “Awareness”
  • “Now Adventure Sync can notify you about new nearby Pokémon!”
  • “Adventure Sync can find new Pokémon nearby even when Pokémon GO is closed!”

As you can see, it seems that these three points are aimed at making life even more comfortable for Pokémon GO players who do not want to be looking at their mobile every so often, so they can be notified when there is a Pokémon nearby. We will be attentive to your availability.

Written by ash

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