This is the Teselia Stone, to evolve to the 5th generation

The arrival of the Teselia Stone / Unova Pokémon comes along with a new evolutionary object that many fear is as rare as the Sinnoh Stone.

Niantic has begun to pave the way for the arrival of the fifth generation to Pokémon Go. The game has received several minor updates in the last hours in which several new and pending objects have already been found . Among them, the Teselia Stone , the object to evolve the new Pokémon . An item with a design based on the symbol of yin and yang that also serves as a nod to the games set in Teselia , Pokémon Black and White and Black and White 2 . The appearance of the Teselia Stone has caused more than a chill among the fans of the title, who have not been able to avoid remembering the Sinnoh Stone , the difficulties to get it and the dozens of people asking how to get one.

In addition to it, the fifth generation update will include two more unpublished objects (in English route maker and VS seeker upgrade ), update the Pokédex, add shadow pinsir and incorporate a ranking for the competitive one, a route creation system and more depth to the system of friends (food, emotions, encounters).

When will it arrive?

The fifth generation will land in Pokémon GO on September 16 and it is worth remembering that in its day it was the one that added the most Pokémon of all (156) . It is entirely formed by original creatures that are neither offspring nor evolutions of the previous promotions. He had initials for Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott and had nine legendary Pokémon , among which Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo, the so-called swordsman Pokémon , a nice tribute to The Three Musketeers , the work of Dumas. You can consult a complete list of the 156 here .

The arrival of Teselia is not the only novelty of the title in recent days, in which Jirachi has also appeared (here you have a guide to capture it ) and the dates of all Community Days have been confirmed.

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