This ghost creature from Unova will be on the Pokémon GO’s Halloween

The coaching community gets ready with excitement for the next great Pokémon GO event . In case you do not know, Niantic recently confirmed that it is already preparing everything to celebrate Halloween with the mobile title players.

While it is estimated that the event will be similar to that of past years, it is always exciting to know which creatures will appear during the Halloween celebration. The company shared a teaser on Twitter where it confirms one of the Pokémon that we will see soon.

It is a ghost / fire type creature, which you will certainly remember if you are familiar with Unova Pokémon. It is nothing more and nothing less than Litwick, the Pokémon sail we saw as part of the generation of Pokémon Black & White .

“Reports show that the flame of this Pokémon is usually extinguished, but it begins to glow when it absorbs the life force of people or Pokémon,” Niantic wrote on Twitter. Below I leave the image that the study shared.

Surely in the next few days we will meet more creatures that will appear in the temporary event. Also, it is possible that some Pokémon from past Halloween celebrations are back.

So, we could see Dusclops, Sableye, Shuppet, Gengar or even other phantom Pokémon from Unova. There are also indications of the arrival of more Shadow Pokémon and new Rocket Team missions . So it seems that there will be several surprises for the season event.

In related news, there is an island where no Pokémon GO creature has appeared for months . Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android devices. Go to this page to know all the news related to it.

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