The new ‘ Pokémon Go ‘ update removes some search functions.

February has been a very exciting month for #Pokémon Go players. Niantic has introduced a lot of events that have made the game more fun to play. From the egg hatching event to the Hoenn event, the new generation 3 creatures that were added and then the Valentine event.

On February 14, many video games held their Valentine’s Day theme event featuring new features for their various games. #Pokémon GO was no exception. On February 13th, it kicked off Val’s event with some very rare Pokémon and a bright Pokémon. In addition, they gave players a chance to earn extra bonuses.

Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event.

According to Forbes, this year’s Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event was smaller than expected.

However, the fans were excited because they had something new and better to offer. During the event of the previous year, there was a greater number of Pokémon Pink, while this year, there was a heart-shaped fish bank everywhere to keep players in the spirit of Valentine the rare and bright pink Pokémon that was presented at the event This year’s Valentine’s Day was Luvdisc, an aquatic Pokémon that gives Triple Stardust for each captured Pokémon. Although the event was not what the players thought it would be, catching Luvdisc made the [VIDEO] event interesting. The good thing about this creature is that it offers a 3-fold increase at Stardust when it is caught and comparing that with the growing sale of star parts means it is a lucrative source of stardust.

The new data search has been deleted.

Niantic has eliminated the new feature added to the game in the last round of updates.

According to developer Niantic, with the new feature it was expected to introduce content for a player and also replace bonuses by spinning and trapping obtained from PokeStops battles. This feature was eliminated from the game because it added more bugs to the existing one, thus creating the most difficult errors to fix however, eliminating latent code indicates that Pokémon Go Developer Niantic is making great strides in improving on the function. Hardcore fans think they made the right decision by eliminating the role, regardless of how they wanted it. While the other fans still expect to add this feature to the game again, it seems that Niantic has plans to gamble with a major update along with the social features. At this time, the game is available for both Android and IOS devices.

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