The most surreal moments Pokémon GO has given

The launch of Pokémon GO in the summer of 2016 was a real world-wide bombing that managed to make room in the main media of all the world, both written and television.

Although there have been games that have also achieved very strong beginnings, the case of this title for mobile devices was very particular to require movement and combine virtual elements with real world maps .

Almost three years after its launch, Pokémon GO continues to have a large base of players that go out every day to the street in order to get all of them. Four generations of Pokémon have already been introduced – although the last one does not complete and there are still a couple of absences in the third – and they have not stopped adding new features.

Things, yes, have calmed down and the vast majority of players already enjoy without affecting the day to day of the city . Except for some agglomeration in some unsuitable point due to an incursion, no longer live situations as curious as those that were given at the beginning. Precisely that type of situations are the ones that we are going to pick up in this article.


The multiple events, the incursions and the almost three years of life have made any first generation Pokémon no longer generate any interest for the most veteran players . Of course, at the beginning it was not yes.

Vaporeon , an evolution of Eevee that stood out during the beginnings as one of the most solid options to use in gyms, appeared wild in one of the most emblematic places in New York, Central Park . The players flocked to him. The situation is so surreal that it is better to see it with your own eyes.

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