The minigames land on the Pokémon GO PvP

With the release of the update 0.149.0 we anticipated you as would be the minigames that Niantic has decided to include in the combat system that is already available.


With the departure of these minigames we can also notice that the teams of the team leaders Wisdom, Valor and Instinct have changed being now the following ones that will form the team of each leader in each league. 
Infographics of @ NidosPokemonGo

The mini-games vary according to the type of attack that we make, varying, for example, between a phantom or an electric type. These minigames are reminiscent of the mechanics introduced in the last game of the company or the game Fruit Nija launched 8 years ago.

With this new sliding technique, performing a load movement now requires more skill when creating a more dynamic game. Each type has its own skid pattern, which means that there are  18 different  mini-game patterns . Depending on the accuracy with which the pattern is tracked, it will perform a Good  ,  Great  or  Excellent Load Movement   , which results in more damage. 
Then we leave a gallery of images with each pattern according to the type of attack.

For now these are the active changes, apart from the new valuation system, which were added in the latest version. 
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