how to defeat Ninjask solo in his raid (A Bichear event)

The Pokémon Go Spring event continues bringing us new challenges, this time the incursion of Ninjask  during the event “A Bichear”, in which the Pokémon of bug type are the real protagonists.

On the occasion of this event have come many new developments with respect to Pokémon of this type. The appearance of Pokémon type bug in the wild has increased, and also as a reward in investigations and as leaders of the raids. One of the most special ones is the Ninjask raid on Pokémon GO , which stands out because, besides being a very uncommon Pokémon, it has level of difficulty 4 . 

Pokemon GO: how to overcome the Ninjask raid alone (A Bichear event)

Level 4 raids are not suitable for any Pokémon Go player, at least alone. If we want to defeat him without the help of any teammate, we will need to have  a high level and a Pokémon team to match .

Ninjask is a Bug / Flying type Pokémon, so the movements that most affect it are those of the Rock type , which have an effectiveness of 256%. They are also effective, although to a lesser extent Fire, Flying, Ice and Electric types and we should never use attacks of the type Earth, Plant and Struggle.

The best Pokémon to assault the Ninjask raid is Rampardos , but being a Pokémon recently added to the game, it is possible that we can not count on one strong enough to face the challenge. Luckily for us there is a large group of Pokémon that is also very effective against Ninjask in Pokémon GO  and that is more likely to have in our team, such as Tyranitar and Golem.

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The most effective Pokémon and attacks against Ninjask in the Pokémon foray GO

This is the list of the most effective Pokémon against Ninjask and the movements that will cause the most damage:

  • Rampardos – Anti-aircraft / Avalanche
  • Tyranitar – Anti-aircraft / Sharp Rock
  • Rhyperior – Anti-aircraft / Sharp Rock
  • Omastar – Thrower / Avalanche
  • Golem – Thrower / Sharp Rock
  • Rayquaza – Tajo Aéreo / Power Past
  • Regirock – Thrower / Sharp Rock
  • Heatran – Fire Twirl / Sharp Rock
  • Moltres – Fire Twirl / Air Strike

With these tips to defeat Ninjask in the foray of the A Bichear event in Pokémon GO , it will be much easier to defeat him alone. If you need more help, you have at your disposal our  Pokémon GO guide , as well as our analysis of Pokémon GO  to discover more about the title for  Android  and  iOS , without forgetting our guides about the  event A Bichear in Pokémon GO: investigations, rewards and how to use the event to  how to capture Smeargle .

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