The attack form of Deoxys arrives at Pokémon GO EX Raids on December 20

Good news for Pokémon GO players . Through a new entry in the official blog of the application, Niantic has advanced the arrival of the attack form of Deoxys to the EX Incursions of the game.

According to what is shared by the company, this form will be available as of December 20 of this year. We leave you with the message you have published:


The DNA Pokémon, Deoxys, has put the strength of the Trainers to the test in EX raids and now … it has changed shape! The attack form of Deoxys will be in the EX raids with more power than ever, so prepare your team. This unique Pokémon of Psychic type can be challenged from the next cycle of invitations for EX raids, after December 20.

Are you new to the EX raids? You can receive an EX raid pass when you win an incursion in a Gym that awards these passes. You can see what gyms can celebrate an EX raid thanks to a practical label that you will see in the gym details. The EX raid passes will indicate the date and time to challenge Deoxys in the attack form, so mark the calendars and prepare your Pokémon for an epic combat.

Fighting against Deoxys in attack form will be a complicated challenge that will force you to take advantage of every opportunity, so do not forget to invite a friend! Remember: invitations can only be sent to an ultra friendship or friendship without equal, so challenge your friends, send them gifts and exchange Pokémon to increase your level of friendship.

Do you have what you need to have? Good luck, Trainers; The attack form of Deoxys will not make it easy for you!

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