Team GO Rocket Special Missions Guide

We review the four research tasks after the invasion of Team GO Rocket: A worrying situation. Everything you need to know in this way.

Good never rests, even in summer, and it ‘s time to prove it to Team Rocket GO , which these days has invaded the Poképaradas of Pokémon GO and filling all of dark Pokémon . Niantic has published the details of the summer update of the game, which brings with it a special investigation called A Worrying Situation . In it, the developer proposes to stop the evil organization’s feet, something that we can only do by fulfilling four different challenges (all of them with their corresponding reward, which can be as valuable and interesting as a Murkrow or Sableye ).

Before leaving you with a complete list of all the challenges , we recommend you take a look at how to find and fight the Team GO Rocket , as well as the tutorial to catch and purify the dark Pokémon and our guide to calculate IVs with the new system of assessment . Readings that will surely help you get the most out of the new contents of Pokémon GO . In the same way, we remind you that all the details about the August Community Day are already published , which will be celebrated earlier than expected and will have Ralts , the fairy / psychic pokémon, as a great protagonist. Now, we are going with the list, which will be expanded with new challenges over the coming weeks.

Pokémon GO Special Missions Team GO Rocket

A worrying situation (1/4)

  • Evolve 2 Pokémon
  • Give more power to a Pokémon 5 times

Rewards : Murkrow and Sableye + x1000 Stardust + 1000 PX + 1000 PX

Pokémon GO Special Missions Team GO Rocket

A worrying situation (2/4)

  • Capture 2 Dark Pokémon
  • Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket recruits

Rewards : x2000 Star Powder + 2000 PX + Golden Frambu Berry

A worrying situation (3/4)

  • Purify 3 Dark Pokémon: 3000 PX
  • Purify a dark Pokémon of Fire / Water / Plant type: 3000 PX

Rewards : x2000, 5 Silver Pinia Berry, 1 Carameloraro

A worrying situation (4/4)

  • Completes automatically: x1000 Stardust
  • Completes automatically: x1000 Stardust

Rewards : 1 MT Charged Attack, 1 MT Rapid Attack, 3 Carameloraro

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