Team GO Rocket Complete Guide Special Research: Lurking in the Shadows

Team Go Rocket Pokémon GO seems to have no intention of leaving us time on the calendar between now and the premiere of the next major installment of the series for Nintendo Switch , Pokémon Sword and Shield .

The Niantic app for mobile devices has been offering multiple events such as the “Colossal Discovery” and the fun Halloween celebration . Now the long-awaited special investigation has finally arrived at Pokémon GO : Stalking in the shadows ; a series of advances against the evil villains of Team GO Rocket and its leaders, the mysterious Cliff , Sierra and Arlo , accompanied by the powerful Giovanni .

Team GO Rocket invades Pokémon GO

The habitats of the Pokémon in Pokémon GO have been affected by the multiple maneuvers of Team GO Rocket , who have been raiding the PokéStops for months gathering enough resources to execute their final blow.

 for months gathering enough resources to execute their final blow.

After a long wait, the villains of the evil organization have finally decided to come to light using the Dark Pokémon , an exclusive corrupt version of Pokémon GO of innocent Pokémon, which have been affected through deplorable unnatural practices.

The good news is that Pokémon GO trainers still have a chance to change things.

Defeat Team GO Rocket and gather mysterious components

Special research Stalking in the shadows  of Professor Willow alongside the team leaders of Pokémon GO , Spark , Blanche and Candela ; They are beginning to bear fruit. Reports indicate that the defeat of the Recruits Team Rocket GO  may let down “mysterious components.” By gathering six of these components you can create a radar that villains use to return to their lair.

You can find recruits in corrupt PokéStops and take the opportunity to try to free the innocent Pokémon from this unjust threat. Team GO Rocket recruits will use dark Pokémon like Sandshrew, Bellsprout, Magnemite, Porygon and Wobbuffet . Some Pokémon appreciated by Team Rocket will also appear more frequently , such as Ekans, Meowth and Koffing ; with a chance to find a variocolor version of Meowth .

Locate the leaders of Team GO Rocket

By bringing together the six “mysterious components” in Pokémon GO you can use Professor Willow’s assistance to create a Rocket radar . This device will be displayed in the game as a new map focused specifically on the evil organization.

In the normal map of Pokémon GO you can only find corrupt PokéStops when you get close enough. However, with the radar map you can clearly see the PoképStop invaded by the leaders of Team GO Rocket and marked with the R of the organization ; at the cost of losing vision of gyms and other elements of the regular map.

You can tour your map of Pokémon GO facing the three leaders of Team GO Rocket as many times as you want. Neither the radar nor the leaders will run out until you advance your mission.

Face Cliff, Sierra and Arlo in Pokémon GO

Finally you can take a more significant step to help save Pokémon GO . By locating a Team GO Rocket leader , whether Cliff , Sierra or Arlo , you can face him to reduce his advances in habitats. By defeating a leader you will be rewarded with 1,000 Powder Stars , an encounter with the leader’s flagship Pokémon and two of the following consumables : Max. Potion, Max. Revive, Revive, Sinnoh Stone, Teselia Stone.

The battles against the leaders of Team GO Rocket are similar to the regular ones, only these will have protective shields that you will have to tear down before you can damage the Pokémon . Below you will find a brief description of what you need to know about the three villainous leaders of Pokémon GO .

Cliff is the first Team GO Rocket leader discovered by Professor Willow . It is described as muscular, direct and intimidating. His flagship Pokémon is Meowth , but he will fight with Flygon , Sandslash or Snorlax as a second option, and with Infernape, Torterra or Tyranitar as the third option.

Sierra for her part is a fearsome trainer with experience that does not waste time on folly. It is determined and powerful, along with Spark , leader of Team Instinct . Your flagship Pokémon is Sneasel . He will use Hypno , Lapras or Sableye as a second option; and Alakazam, Houndoom or Gardevoir as the third option.

Arlo is described as an ambitious coach, who played the position of leader of Team Valor with Candela , who was his close friend. Upon being defeated, he declared his intention to take revenge by joining the forces of Team GO Rocket . His flagship Pokémon is Scyther ; will use Gyarados , Magnezone or Crobat as a second option; and close with Charizard , Dragonite or Scizor as a third option.

Complete the special investigation: Stalking in the shadows

It is necessary to complete the special investigation: Stalking in the shadows to advance in this captivating story against Team GO Rocket of Pokémon GO . But do not worry, it is not necessary to do anything that you would not do regularly in the application.

The activities basically consist of touring PokéStops by defeating Team GO Rocket recruits and capturing their dark Pokémon , with the intention of purifying them. After having turned PokéStops for five days and having defeated the leaders of the villain organization, you can put together a Super Rocket Rocket  that will allow you to find the final lair where the fearsome Giovanni is located and thus release the Legendary Dark Pokémon : Moltres , Zapdos and Articuno .

These are the tasks you will have to complete:

  • First phase: 500 Dusts, 10x Poké Balls, 10x Berry Frambu
    • Turn 10 PokéStops: 500 EXP
    • Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket recruits: 500 XP
    • Capture 1 Dark Pokémon: 500 XP
  •  Second phase: 1,000 Dusts, 3x Overlays, 3x Revive
    • Turn one PokéStops every day, for five days in a row: 750 EXP
    • Purify 15 Dark Pokémon: 750 EXP
    • Win 5 raids: 750 EXP

Keep in mind that some recruits will disguise themselves as Giovanni to try to distract you from your goal, and you will have to defeat them to advance and finally complete the mission.

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