Sycn Adventure V2 activated: Changes in Game Policy

Niantic a few hours after making the announcement of its changes in the Game Policy in its three games has activated the new version of the Sync Adventure.

Niantic has decided to expand its Strikes policy to all its games, ceasing to be exclusive to Pokémon GO and thus punish all those who cheat or use third-party applications. For now it is known that they have banned 500 thousand users of Pokémon GO and Harry Potter Wizards Unite for using modified applications or allowing them to cheat. They have also suspended 22 thousand Ingress accounts that were supporting and participating in the illegal trade of items in the game.

These were not the only changes since they have modified the detection of root access and Jailbreak and can more effectively block the use of their mobile games with root access.

Sync Adventure Activated

With this change in policy they have begun to activate in Australia the new Sincroaventura that improves their performance and step accounting, thus adding a new function.

This new function is to show notifications of nearby Pokémon that the player does not have registered while the game is closed, for now it is unknown when it will be extended to other countries although we understand that first they will have to take out a new version solving problems with the game notifications As you can see in the images below.

Stay tuned to know about this new feature and when it will be available in your country by following us on our social networks, website and channel application.

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