Stardust Bonus and Suicune Shiny – Global Blanche Reward

The Pokemon Go event known as the Go Fest Yokohama recently concluded. For the people present in that place, as well as for coaches from around the world, some missions were presented with juicy rewards. One of them will start this afternoon and consists of a Stardust Bonus and the appearance of Suicune Shiny .

Stardust Bonus

One of the most striking aspects that this rewards event will have is that its effects will be available between August 13 and 20 of the same month. During this period you can see the amount of Stardust obtained tripled at the time of capturing a pokemon, which will surely give you great satisfaction.

On the other hand, the amount of Stardust obtained by hatching an egg will also be multiplied by 3, to which adds the minimum of 3000 Stardust that you will get when completing raids. You will also have the possibility, once an hour, to get a Star Piece.

Suicune Shiny

One of the most striking points of these rewards is that it will also open the possibility of getting a Suicune Shiny in the raids of August 17. This situation will be temporary and will take place at a certain time that Niantic has not yet confirmed.

In the event that you want a summary of all these advantages, here is an infographic prepared by our friends from Nidos Pokemon Go Argentina , a Twitter account that regularly delivers help on this video game.

We hope that with the help of this little guide you can make the most of this global reward and get as much Star Powder as possible. In case you want to read more guides and articles about this video game, we invite you to review our section specially dedicated to Pokemon Go .

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