Snorlax: How to capture it while sleeping into the event Yawn

Snorlax new event: Niantic has started a new temporary promotion through which we can access the unmistakable Kanto Pokémon with the Yawning movement.

The Pokémon 2019 Press Conference left us with announcements of all kinds. From a device to monitor our dream to a new delivery of mobile matches that will be released in 2019, Pokémon Masters . In regards to the huge community of Pokémon GO , any coach who opens the game from now on will find a lot of Snorlax sleeping and with an exclusive movement, Yawn .

Date and characteristics of the Snorlax event with Yawn

As confirmed by Niantic, from this Wednesday May 29 until next Monday June 3, 2019 at 22:00 (CEST) we can find Snorlax dozing wildly in the vicinity of your city. If you have a phone with a not very large screen, you will surely have to zoom out …


Because this time he does not appear standing, he appears lying down, resting. To his. It is very simple: when we see him, it will be enough to be close to him to start the fight, there is no greater condition. Unlike other events, this time there is no need to participate in raids because it is an authentic plague of Snorlax sleepers.

And yes, as we said, you will know an exclusive movement when you catch it. When we catch them, the sleeper Snorlax will wake up and be ready for combat. It must be said that he will only appear asleep before starting the fight; In case there is someone who wants to take a picture.

On Yawning, is it a good attack?

The question now is, what good is yawning? Yawn is an attack that charges your fast attack with speed in the defense of the gyms, but does not inflict damage, so it is not as interesting as it seems with respect to the other movements of the Pokémon, Liceand Zen Head . The difference is that Yawn generates 50% faster energy to attack, but during that time we will not hurt. That is, only when it is loaded.

Pokémon GO: how to capture Snorlax sleeping from the event (Yawn)

Cresselia, Groudon and Kyogre return to the raids

We remember that from this past May 27 and until June 18, Creselia is back to Pokémon GO, specifically in the Level 5 raids. Once that date arrives, it will be time to pass on the baton to creatures like Kyogre and Groudon , in that order, they are the ones who captain these high level incursions .

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