Snorlax and Scyther have real battle and excite fans [VIDEO]

Images thrilled thousands of Pokémon GO fans. Great surprise was generated in social networks to share the realistic battle that Snorlax and Scyther had in the real world.

Since its arrival in the 2016 Pokémon GO it has managed to win millions of fans worldwide. While Pokémon battles are already possible virtually, there is still no way to have a fight in the real world; However, a group of young people managed to make two anime beings come alive and fight a duel. Through a video shared on Facebook we could see an epic Pokémon battlebetween Snorlax and Scyther. How is this possible? Keep reading to know everything about it.

A video shared on Facebook has surprised thousands of Pokémon GO fans as it revealed to us what Pokémon battles would be like if they were performed in the real world. A group of players met at a convention and were able to witness an epic showdown between Snorlax and Scyther, two of the most beloved Pokémon by fans. The result of the meeting surprised everyone.

There is no doubt that Pokémon GO is one of the most important augmented reality video games of recent years. Although the fever to capture Pokémon has dropped considerably, there are still many young people who continue to play in the application.

To the surprise of thousands of Facebook users , a video shared on social networks showed us what a real-world Pokémon battle would be like, if the Pokémon really existed.

The images were recorded in an event organized for Pokémon GO players and has caused a sensation in social networks, since it showed us two of the most beloved Pokémon , faced in a fierce battle.

Snorlax and Scyther are two first generation Pokémon that exist in the animated series and a recent Facebook video showed us a battle of these in the real world. The fact did not go unnoticed among Pokémon GO fans and the video has quickly gone viral.

As you can see in the images shared on social networks, the two creatures use their strongest battle techniques and tried to prove who is the best. As thousands of users mentioned, this was a demonstration that a group of fans decided to perform at that event in honor of the Pokémon GO video game.

Here we leave you said material that has been viralized on Facebook and other social networks . The material was published on the page ‘ The Page of Char ‘ and has more than 10 thousand reproductions.

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