Snivy silhouette appears a week before the 5th generation arrives

Snivy Pokémon; There are few days left before Pokémon GO receives the 5th generation creatures, which first appeared nine years ago in the Pokémon Black and White Pokémon video games.

The Pokémon belonging to the Unova / Teselia region will arrive on mobile devices this September 16 and Niantic is already advancing its arrival through its social networks.

The developer of the famous augmented reality application has published an image with the silhouette of Snivy, the initial plant-type Pokémon of this generation. However, it has not yet been established what its capture mode will be, that is, if it will appear in raids or simply when players walk.

A new generation arrives at Pokémon GO eleven months later. The last had been the fourth, belonging to the Sinnoh region.

Like Snivy, the arrival of the other initials is also expected: Tepig and Oshawott.

Pokémon GO: Which fifth generation Pokémon will arrive first?

The 5th generation of the franchise was the one that added the most new creatures (156), so Niantic will have a hard work to place them in the game and update the Pokédex.

  • Snivy, Servine and Serperior
  • Tepig, Pignite and Emboar
  • Oshawott, Dewott and Samurott
  • Patrat and Watchdog
  • Lillipup, Herdier and Stoutland
  • Purrloin and Liepard
  • Pansage and Simisage
  • Pansy and Simisear
  • Panpour and Simipour
  • Munna and Musharna
  • Pidove, Tranquill and Unfezant
  • Blitzle and Zebstrika
  • Woobat and Swoobat
  • Drilbur and Excadrill
  • Timburr and Conkeldurr (Gurdurr has not been seen)
  • Dwebble (Crustle has not been seen)
  • Scraggy and Scrafty
  • Yamask and Cofagrigus
  • Foongus and Amoonguss
  • Ferroseed and Ferrothorn
  • Klink, Klang and Klinklang
  • Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure
  • Golett and Golurk
  • Heatmor
  • Durant
  • Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon
  • Cobalion
  • Terrakion
  • Virizion

It should be remembered that the different generations come slowly to Pokémon GO. Therefore, it is expected that a small group of creatures will arrive in September, while the others will be deployed over time.

Pokémon GO: The rewards of the Ultra Bonus Event

One is the reduction of distance to walk and hatch eggs. There is also the appearance of Deoxys.

PokéEggs promotion.

The regional Pokemon of Kanto again become protagonists in Pokémon GO. We refer to Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Tauros and Farfetch’d that will appear in Pokéhuevos of 7 kilometers. In addition, there will be its shiny or various color versions.

Another novelty of the Ultra Bonus for this week will be the reduction of distance to hatch eggs. This makes it easier to open them because you will have to travel less kilometers.

This is the distance reduction for each egg:

2 km – 1 km
5 km – 2.5 km
7 km – 3.5 km
10 km – 5 km.

Capture Deoxys

The unique Pokémon Deoxys with each of its forms will appear in level 5 raids. To capture it we recommend using level 40 pokemon and meeting with seven or more friends.

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