Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon Catch – List shows you all the locations

Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon are especially rare monsters in Pokémon GO. They have a different color than usual conspecifics and are considered by many players as a status symbol. But where do you find the rare iridescent beings and how do you catch them? All this and an overview of all Shiny monsters until August 2019 are summarized in this guide.

So that you too can go hunting for Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon, we have summarized in this guide the most important information about the dazzling Pokémon. First and foremost, you should know what a Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon you recognize. Because there are a few tricks.

That’s how you recognize a Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon

In general, you can not tell on the map of Pokémon GO whether a pocket monster is a dazzling creature. Only in the capture screen will this be made clear to you, namely by stars that sparkle in the vicinity of the Pokémon.

You can also make sure once again, once you have captured the Pokémon. On the Pokémon detail page, the background glitters and sparkles when it’s a Shiny monster. In addition, the dazzling creatures in the collection are marked with a symbol of three stars.

Anyone who is afraid of accidentally sending a Shiny monster to the professor can be reassured. At least in the mass selection to send Pokémon Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon can not be selected.

List of all Shiny Pokémon (as of August 22, 2019)

Officially, Niantic has not released a list of the Shiny monsters available in Pokémon GO. However, various fans have published their findings of dazzling pocket monsters on various websites and from this information we have created for you a list of all Shiny Pokémon previously in the game.

The colors in parentheses are those that the particular Pokémon usually possesses, that is, if it is not a Shiny specimen. Some details of the list are from p337. The player has published on his website all previous Shiny Pokémon. Details of the localities are from the US game site GamePress.

We have added the list with information of the player LeekDuck. He has also published a useful Shiny tool, which you will find below. Below, however, we will list all Shiny Pokémon in alphabetical order until August 2019.

Shiny PokémonLocation / Shiny color (standard color)
AalabyssDevelopment / green (blue)
AbraWilderness / light yellow-brown (yellow-brown)
AbsolRaids / red-pink (blue-white)
AerodactylRaids, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Purple (Gray)
Alola-DiglettEggs, Wilderness / dark brown (light brown)
Alola-DugtrioDevelopment / dark barun (light brown)
Alola-GravelerDevelopment / orange (gray)
Alola-GolemDevelopment / orange-black (brown-black)
Alola small stoneEggs, wilderness / orange (gray)
Alola-MAROWAKRaids / purple-white (brown-white)
Alola-ExeggutorRaids, wilderness / yellow-red (brown-green)
Alola-MauziEggs / blue (gray)
Alola-RaichuRaids / brown-orange (brown-yellow)
Alola-RATTATAEggs, wilderness / red (black)
Alola-RattikarlDevelopment / red (black)
Alola-SandslashDevelopment / white-blue (white-turquoise)
Alola-SandanEggs / white-blue (white-yellow)
Alola-GrimerEggs / purple (green)
Alola-MukDevelopment / yellow-purple (yellow-green)
Alola-SnobilikatDevelopment / blue (gray)
Alola-NinetalesDevelopment / white-blue (turquoise)
Alola-VulpixEggs / white-blue (turquoise)
altariaDevelopment / yellow (blue)
AmbipomDevelopment / Development
OmanyteEggs, Raids, Wilderness / Purple (Blue)
AmorosoDevelopment / purple (blue)
AmpharosDevelopment / purple (yellow)
AnorithEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Raids, Wilderness / Brown-Black (Green-Black)
AquanaDevelopment / violet (light blue)
ArbokDevelopment / yellow (purple)
ArktosRaid / light blue (dark blue)
ArmaldoDevelopment / red-yellow (blue-yellow)
CloysterDevelopment / blue (purple)
AzumarillDevelopment / yellow (blue)
AzurillEggs / green (blue)
BanetteDevelopment / gray-blue (gray)
FeebasEggs, Wilderness, Raids / Purple-Gray (Yellow-Blue)
VenusaurDevelopment / green-yellow (blue-red)
IvysaurDevelopment / green-yellow (blue-red)
BulbasaurFieldwork Reward, Wilderness, Egg / Light Green (Turquoise Green)
BlitzaDevelopment / light green (yellow)
BotogelWilderness / purple-white (red-white)
BronzelRaids, wilderness / green (turquoise)
BronzongDevelopment / green (turquoise)
SalamenceDevelopment / green-orange (blue-red)
BummelzEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / pink (light brown)
CresseliaRaids / purple-green (beige-pink)
TyranitarDevelopment / brown-purple (green-blue)
DiglettWilderness / light brown-blue (dark brown-pink)
DugtrioDevelopment / light brown-blue (dark brown-pink)
DragonairDevelopment / purple-yellow (blue)
DragoniteDevelopment / green (yellow-orange)
ShelgonDevelopment / light green (white)
DratiniEggs, wilderness / purple (blue)
DrifloonWilderness / yellow (purple)
DrifblimDevelopment / yellow-turquoise (purple-yellow)
ElekidEggs / yellow-black (dark yellow-black)
ElectabuzzDevelopment / orange-black (yellow-black)
ElectivireDevelopment / dark yellow-black (yellow-black)
endiveEggs, wilderness / light green (dark green)
enteiRaids / brown-black (brown-red)
PsyduckWilderness / light blue (yellow)
EntotonWilderness, evolution blue-red (blue-beige)
evoliEggs, wilderness / white-gray (brown)
CyndaquilWilderness / brown-white (blue-white)
PoochyenaWilderness / brown-beige (black-gray)
GlalieDevelopment / red (blue)
FlareonDevelopment / yellow-orange (red-yellow)
flemmliEggs, wilderness / yellow-orange (orange-yellow)
IgglybuffEggs / purple (roas)
MawileRaids / purple (black)
FolipurbaDevelopment / dark beige-green (beige-green)
CastformWilderness / pink (gray)
ForretressEvolution / golden (gray-red)
FroslassDevelopment / white-pink (white-orange)
GalladeDevelopment / white-blue (white-green)
RapidashDevelopment / blue (white-orange)
GyaradosDevelopment / red (blue)
TreeckoEggs, Wilderness / turquoise-red (green)
GeorockDevelopment / yellow (gray)
GolemDevelopment / yellow (gray)
GeradaksDevelopment / beige-orange (beige-brown)
SceptileDevelopment / blue-beige (green-red)
GlaceonDevelopment / white-blue (turquoise-blue)
CharmanderFieldwork Reward, Wilderness, Egg / Light Orange (Red)
CharizardDevelopment / black (red)
CharmeleonDevelopment / light orange (red)
GolbatDevelopment / green (blue)
GranbullFieldwork Reward / beige (pink)
stylusRaids, wilderness / pink (purple)
GrumpigDevelopment, wilderness / beige-black (pink-black)
GroudonRaid / red (yellow)
GuardevoireDevelopment / white-blue (white-green)
HariyamaDevelopment / yellow-red (red-purple)
BunearyEggs / Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Pink-Brown (Tan-Brown)
Ho OhRaids / yellow-orange (orange-green)
HoundoomFieldwork Reward / Blue-Yellow (Black-Red)
dog UsterFieldwork Reward / Blue-Yellow (Black-Red)
MudkipEggs, wilderness / purple-orange (blue-orange)
HypnoDevelopment / pink (yellow)
IgelavarDevelopment / brown-white (blue-white)
CrobatDevelopment / pink (purple)
ImpegatorDevelopment / turquoise (light blue)
issoEggs / pink (light blue)
JugongDevelopment / beige (white)
CombuskenDevelopment / yellow-dark red (yellow-light red)
JurobFieldwork Rewards, Wilderness / Beige (White)
KabutoEggs, Raids, Wilderness / Green (Brown)
KabutopsDevelopment / green (brown)
KadabraDevelopment / light yellow-brown (yellow-brown)
KapaloresDevelopment / yellow-turquoise (yellow-green)
TotodileWilderness / turquoise (light blue)
MagikarpRaids, Wilderness / yellow (red)
KeifelDevelopment, wilderness / brown (yellow)
BagonEggs, Raids, Wilderness / Green (Blue)
KinglerDevelopment / white-gray (white-red)
KirliaDevelopment / turquoise-orange (green-red)
small stoneWilderness / yellow (gray)
MAROWAKDevelopment / light green (brown)
KnospiEggs / green-purple (green)
KnudeluffDevelopment / purple-green (pink-blue)
KrabbyEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / White-Yellow (White-Red)
HonchkrowDevelopment / purple (dark blue)
MurkrowWilderness / purple (black)
SmoochumEggs / beige-yellow (pink-yellow)
kyogreRaids / pink (blue)
laprasFieldwork Reward, Raids, Wilderness / Purple-beige (Blue-White)
LarvitarEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Bright Green-Pink (Beige Green Red)
LatiasRaids / gold-white (red-white)
latiosRaids / green-white (blue-white)
MoltresRaids / pink (yellow)
SlakingDevelopment / brown-beige (brown-white)
LUVDISCWilderness / yellow (pink)
LileepEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Raids, Wilderness / Green-beige (Purple-Pink)
BlazikenDevelopment / dark red-yellow (light red-yellow)
LombreDevelopment / green-dark green (green-turquoise)
LoorblattDevelopment / orange (beige)
LotadEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Black-Turquoise (Blue-Green)
LugiaRaids / red (blue)
LunatoneWilderness / beige-blue (beige-red)
LuxioDevelopment / yellow-black (blue-black)
LuxrayDevelopment / yellow-black (blue-black)
MachopEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness Yellow (Blue)
MachampEvolution, Raids, Wilderness / Green (Blue)
MagmortarDevelopment / red-pink (red-yellow)
MagbyEggs / dark yellow (pink-red)
magmarDevelopment / pink (yellow-orange)
MightyenaDevelopment / brown-beige (black-gray)
MagnemiteDevelopment / yellow (gray)
magnetonDevelopment / yellow (gray)
MagnezoneDevelopment / gray-blue (gray-red)
MakuhitaWilderness / red (yellow-gray)
MamoswineDevelopment / green (brown)
MarillDevelopment / green (blue)
MachokeDevelopment, wilderness / green (blue)
MedichamDevelopment / blue (red)
MedititeWilderness / red-pink (blue-white)
MeganiumDevelopment / light green (dark green)
MelmetalDevelopment / yellow-white (orange-white)
MeltanWunderbox / yellow-white (orange-white)
MenkiFieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Green (Beige)
MetagrossDevelopment / gray-yellow (turquoise-gray)
MetangDevelopment / gray-yellow (turquoise-gray)
MiloticDevelopment / blue-yellow (red-blue)
minunWilderness / turquoise-green (blue)
MobaiEggs / golden-purple (brown-green)
SudowoodoDevelopment / light green-red (brown-green)
MarshtompDevelopment / purple-beige (blue-orange)
MuntierDevelopment / beige (white)
ShellderRaids, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Orange (Purple)
nachtaraDevelopment / black-blue (black-yellow)
NatuEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Light Green (dark green)
NidokingDevelopment / blue-white (purple-white)
NidoqueenDevelopment, wilderness / green-pink (blue-white)
Nidoran (male)Raids, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Blue (Purple)
Nidoran (female)Wilderness / pink (blue)
NidorinaDevelopment, wilderness / pink (blue)
NidorinoDevelopment / blue (purple)
OnixEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Raids, Wilderness / Light Green (Gray)
PandirFieldwork Reward / beige-green (beige-red)
PelipperDevelopment / white-green (white-blue)
PerluFieldwork Reward / Purple-beige (Blue-Pink)
PichuEggs / dark yellow (yellow)
Pichu with Santa hatEggs / dark yellow (yellow)
ClefairyDevelopment, wilderness / pink-green (pink-brown)
PiiEggs / pink-green (pink-brown)
PikachuDevelopment, wilderness / dark yellow (yellow)
Pikachu with Santa hatDevelopment, wilderness / dark yellow (yellow)
PinsirWilderness, Fieldwork Reward / Purple (Brown)
PixiDevelopment, wilderness / pink-green (pink-brown)
PlusleWilderness / dark red (red)
PonitaWilderness / blue (white-orange)
PottrottRaids, wilderness / blue-yellow (red-yellow)
PsianaDevelopment / dark green (purple)
JigglypuffDevelopment / pink-green (pink-blue)
PupitarDevelopment / purple (blue)
PoliwrathDevelopment / green (dark blue)
PoliwagFieldwork Reward, Raids, Wilderness / Light Blue (Dark Blue)
PoliwhirlDevelopment / light blue (dark blue)
PolitoedDevelopment / blue-pink (green-yellow)
SwinubEggs, wilderness / green (brown)
raichuDevelopment / orange (yellow)
Raichu with Santa hatDevelopment / orange (yellow)
RaikouRaids / orange-yellow (yellow-violet)
PrimeapeDevelopment, wilderness / light brown-brown (light brown-yellow)
CaterpieWilderness / yellow (green)
rayquazaRaids / black (green)
GrovyleDevelopment / dark green-red (green)
EkansEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Raids / Green (Purple)
RoseliaWilderness / purple-black (red-blue)
RoseradeDevelopment / purple-gray (red-blue)
RossanaDevelopment, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Purple (Red)
MetapodDevelopment, wilderness / red (green)
Saga AbyssDevelopment / yellow (pink)
ScizorDevelopment / light green (red)
SquirtleEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Raids, Wilderness / Light Blue (Blue)
WartortleDevelopment / light blue (blue)
SchlaporDevelopment / pink-brown (beige-brown)
SnoruntEggs, wilderness / light blue-yellow (beige orange)
TaillowWilderness / light green-red (brown-green)
SwellowDevelopment / green-orange (black-red)
KingdraDevelopment / purple-yellow (blue-yellow)
SeadraDevelopment / dark blue-red (light blue-yellow)
SeeperEggs, Wilderness / turquoise (blue)
SheinuxEggs, Raids / yellow-black (blue-black)
ShuppetEggs, Wilderness / turquoise (purple)
ScytherEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Light Green (dark green)
AlakazamDevelopment / yellow-pink (yellow-brown)
GrimerWilderness / green (purple)
MukDevelopment / green (purple)
ButterfreeDevelopment, wilderness / pink-green (blue-red)
WeezingDevelopment / turquoise (purple)
KoffingEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Raids / Green (Purple)
WeavileDevelopment / pink-yellow (black-red)
SneaselFieldwork Reward, Raids, Wilderness / Pink (Black)
SnubullFieldwork Reward / Purple-Pink (Pink-Blue)
SolrockWilderness / red-yellow (orange-yellow)
SunfloraDevelopment / yellow (green-yellow)
Sunday coreEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Dark Yellow (Light Yellow)
SpoinkWilderness / beige-gray (gray-pink)
SteelixDevelopment / yellow (gray)
AggronDevelopment / turquoise-red (gray-blue)
LaironDevelopment / turquoise-red (gray-blue)
AronEggs, wilderness / red (blue)
suicuneRaid / turquoise-blue (turquoise-purple)
SumpexDevelopment / purple (blue)
BeldumWilderness / gray (turquoise)
TanzaEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Golden (Dark Green)
TogekissDevelopment / beige (white)
togepiEggs, pink-red (yellow-blue)
TogeticDevelopment / blue (red)
TogeticDevelopment / blue-white (red-white)
TyphlosionDevelopment / brown-white (blue-white)
CuboneWilderness / green (brown)
RaltsEggs, wilderness / white-blue (white-green)
DrowzeeEggs, Raids, Wilderness / pink-red (yellow-brown)
MisdreavusRaids, Wilderness, Fieldwork Reward / Light Green (Dark Blue)
MismagiusDevelopment / light green-yellow (purple-pink)
BlastoiseDevelopment / purple (blue)
TyracrocDevelopment / turquoise (light blue)
MareepEggs, wilderness / purple (white)
FlaaffyDevelopment / pink-turquoise (pink-blue)
WabluRaids, wilderness / yellow (blue)
WailmerEggs, wilderness / purple (blue)
WailordDevelopment / purple (turquoise)
WielieDevelopment / red-orange (green-pink)
WingullEggs, wilderness / white-green (white-blue)
WobbuffetDevelopment / pink (light blue)
XatuDevelopment / green-orange (green-red)
ZapdosRaids, Fieldwork Reward / Yellow-Orange (Yellow)
ZigzagoonWilderness / orange-beige (brown-beige)
ZobirisRaids, wilderness / bright yellow (purple)
ZubatEggs, Fieldwork Reward, Wilderness / Green-beige (Blue-Purple)
DusknoirWilderness / yellow (gray)
DusclopsDevelopment / red (gray)
DuskullEggs, Wilderness / red (gray)

We facilitate the hunt for you

Twitter user and Dataminer “LeekDuck” has created an interactive checklist for Shiny Pokémon for Pokémon GO. It helps you in the hunt and you always keep track of your captured iridescent pocket monsters. Just click on the following link to get to the interactive glossy list of “LeekDuck” . We’ve also put together a collection of useful companion apps for Pokémon GO to help you play.

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