Shiny Horsea to Be Released Globally on June 13 at 9A.M.

Trainers, on your feet! In celebration of Pokemon GO Fest 2019 in Chicago, shiny Horsea will become globally available from June 13 at 9 A.M. PDT. In addition to shiny Horsea becoming available, the WATER type Pokémon Horsea will be spawning more frequently globally. Of course, this means that three new shiny Pokémon will be available for shiny hunting starting tomorrow!

Shiny Horsea

As far as GO Hub and GO Fest 2019 goes, well, let’s just say it that this year we’re back with a bang. As written in our GO Hub at GO Fest: Staff Introductions and Merch Giveaways! article, you’ll be able to get free merch and free GO Hub swag from our writers, mods and leaders, provided that you’re lucky enough to encounter them. This shouldn’t be a problem, as some of them have already started tweeting about GO Fest and are fairly easy to spot:

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