Pokémon Go update fixes game’s tiny Rhyperior problem

Niantic’s latest update to Pokémon Go officially added competitive multiplayer trainer battles to the mobile game this week — a very big deal. Another unannounced change fixes a tiny but important aspect of the game: the size of Rhyperior.

Rhyperior was added to Pokémon Go in mid-October, when Niantic and The Pokémon Company introduced fourth-gen Pokémon to the game. Rhyperior requires a Sinnoh Stone to upgrade, and players were greeted by an abnormally small Pokémon in its final form when they finally got their hands on one.

Here’s a look at how out of whack Rhyperior looked, compared to its evolutionary forebears, Rhyhorn and Rhydon:

And here it is being dwarfed by a Blissey:

Six Pokemon defend a gym in Pokémon Go.

Rhyperior’s comically tiny size appears to have been a bug, considering that Rhydon stands about six feet tall and Rhyperior is supposed to stand nearly eight feel tall. In fact, it looked like Rhyperior stood as tall as the three-feet-tall Rhyhorn.

As of this week, here’s how Rhyperior measures up against its fellow gym-guarding Pokémon:

Six Pokemon defend a gym in Pokémon Go.

Welcome to the big boy club, Rhyperior.

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