What are Pokémon GO raids, and how do they work?

It does not matter if you have just started playing Pokémon GO , or if you are already a veteran coach: you probably want to know all the secrets that this game mode hides -which are not few-, as well as tricks and tips to win in each and every game one of the incursions in which you decide to participate. If so, as we already did with our complete guide on eggs in Pokémon GO , today we tell you everything you need to know about Raids or Raids .

What the Raids are and how they work

Pokémon GO: Cresselia, the legendary Lunar Pokémon, will appear in the raids

As I mentioned before, Raids were the first cooperative game mode introduced by Niantic in Pokémon GO. In that sense, the creators of the game decided that, with the aim of improving collaboration among players around the world, extremely powerful Pokémon – known as Raid Chiefs – appeared , which could only be defeated by a group of players . This is the definition used by The Pokémon Company to explain how this game mode works:

“An Incursion is a cooperative game experience that encourages you to work virtually with other Trainers to defeat an extremely powerful Pokémon known as the Raid Boss.”

If you manage to defeat the Chief of the Raid – remember that the combat will be much more complicated than a normal gym combat – the coaches who have participated will be rewarded with special items , and even with the possibility of capturing the own Boss Pokémon.

The difficulty of this game mode is categorized into five different levels . Logically, the higher the level, the greater the difficulty of the Raid, and more coaches will be needed to be able to cooperate and defeat the Pokémon in question.

“Combats in raids occur when a Boss Pokémon seizes a Gym. If your coaches and you are successful, you will be rewarded. You can not do it alone; you will need the help of fellow trainers to venture into the gym (and hopefully) to succeed. “

How to participate in an Incursion

Pokémon GO attacks

Before being able to participate in an Incursion, the first thing is, logically, to find one . If Pokémon GO notifications are enabled on your mobile, you will automatically receive a notification each time a Raid bout takes place near you . It is also possible to use the “Cerca” function to check if there are nearby Raids, and where they are.

When you have already found the place where the Raid is to take place, you will see that an Raid Egg will appear at the top of the gym in question, with a countdown indicating the time left until the egg hatches and the battle begins.

Now that you have chosen which Incursion you want to participate in, you must take into account that you will need an Incursion Pass first . These passes can be obtained in two ways: the first, free visiting a gym– in this case, you can only get one every day, and it will only be possible to have one -, or by buying a Premium Raid pass in the store Pokémon GO.

When the Raid Egg of the gymnasium where the battle will take place has hatched, the raid will start and you will have one hour to defeat the Boss Pokémon along with the other coaches – there is no limit to the players, although you can only join a group raid of up to 20 people -. Therefore, the most advisable if you want to enter the raid with a group of friends, is to join privately avoiding being paired with nearby players. If you manage to defeat the Boss Pokémon in five minutes or less, you will get the chance to capture it.

What Pokémon can appear in the Raids?

Pokemon GO, raids

As in eggs, the Pokémon that can appear in the Pokémon GO Raids are diverse , and they change with the passage of time. As of today, in November 2018, these are the last creatures that have been added to this game mode:

Pink eggs

  • Buizel – Level 1
  • Shinx – Level 1
  • Mareep – Level 1
  • Magnemite – Level 1
  • Manectric – Level 2
  • Mawile – Level 2
  • Lanturn – Level 2
  • Electabuzz – Level 2

Yellow eggs

  • Alolan Raichu – Level 3
  • Skarmory – Level 3
  • Jolteon – Level 3
  • Scyther – Level 3
  • Alolan Marowak – Level 4
  • Alolan Exegutor – Level 4
  • Absol – Level 4
  • Aggron – Level 4

Blue / black eggs

  • Cresselia – Level 5
  • Deoxys – Level 5

Rewards that can be obtained in the Raids

By defeating a Raid Boss, you will receive special rewards that would not otherwise be easy to obtain. For example, you will be rewarded with unique objects such as golden Frambu berries, fast and loaded technical machines, or rare candies.

In addition to these objects, you will also receive Premier Balls that can be used to capture the Raid Chief , and along with the berries will increase the chances of capturing it.

9 tips and tricks for Pokémon Raids GO

They hold a funeral in Pokémon GO for a 79-year-old player

As in the rest of game modes and aspects of the game, there are some tips and tricks for Pokémon GO Raids , which can be used to be victorious from battles and, if luck, to capture these powerful creatures. These are some of those that every Pokémon trainer should know:

  • If you see a silhouette of a Pokémon on the top of a gym, instead of an egg, it means that the Battle of the Raid has already started, and therefore you will not be able to join.
  • Each Raid Chief is sensitive to different types of attacks , so make sure that the Pokémon you are going to choose for the battle are the right ones, and leave out those who are not going to make a difference.
  • Do not waste time, Before each Raid Battle, you have two minutes or less to form your Pokemon team. Therefore, it is best to have the equipment already formed before participating in the Raid.
  • Letting the rest of the coaches do all the work may seem like a good idea. However, if you win the battle, you will be rewarded for your participation and collaboration .
  • If you raise the volume of the phone , it will be easier to know when the Chief of Raid will attack, and therefore you can dodge the attack at the most appropriate time.
  • Weather conditions can make a difference in the level of power of the Raid Chief. Therefore, you can form several different teams adapted to different climatic situations, so that you can choose the most suitable for each battle.
  • Since the Raid Battles have a limited time, and the intention is to defeat the Boss as soon as possible, it is usually advisable to choose those Pokémon with higher attack statistics instead of those that stand out for their defense skills.
  • Take advantage of the store discounts to buy Premium Raid Passes. You may ever want to participate in an Incursion and you can not do it because you do not have a normal Raid Pass, and that’s when you miss them.

  • Try to get to the Raid as soon as possible . Since the game will warn two hours before the start, take the opportunity to join the battle as soon as possible, since that will be the moment in which defeating the Chief will award the highest possible score.

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