Pokémon GO: Guide for November 30, 2018, new community event

Niantic will celebrate the new Community Day on November 30 . A day in which the Pokémon GO trainers can take advantage to go out and enjoy a series of advantages just by playing the successful game with their Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Community Day of November 30 will feature all the Pokémon that have been appearing during all the Community Days this year, there is nothing! Thus, all users of the title will have a new opportunity to capture these creatures in the wild, so you can get a large number of copies and easily evolve them. So that you do not miss any details on how to do it and to make the most of the new community event, below, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Community Day on November 30 of Pokémon GO .

Pokémon GO: guide for November 30, 2018, new Community Day


The new Community Day of Pokémon GO will begin on November 30 at 10pm with the appearance of a lot of Pokémon in the wild and will end on December 3 at 8: 00h (Spanish peninsular time), so you will have A lot of time to go out and find all the Pokémon and take advantage of the event.

As we have told you before, in this new Community Day, Niantic will give a new opportunity to capture in the wild all the Pokémon that has appeared in previous events during this year. This means that we can capture creatures such as  Cyndaquil , Eevee , Beldum ,  Larvitar ,  Charmander or  Chikorita  in the wild between November 30 and December 3.

Exclusive movement

As will happen with the Pokémon protagonists, the new Community Day of Pokémon GO  will also bring back all the special moves of the previous events of this year. So, we can learn skills such as  Igneous Ring ,  Anti-aircraft ,  Ground Zero or  Meteor Fist .


With regard to the rewards , being such a large Community Day, this time there will be many, although they will only be available on December 1 between 11: 00h and 2: 00h (Spanish peninsular time). For each catch we make we will get twice the PX and double the Star Dust . In addition, the egg hatching distance during these days will be halved and there will be a 3-hour bait bonus .

How to take advantage of the day

To make the most of the Community Day on November 30 , we recommend that if you have them, use all the baits in Pokeparadas that you can. If you combine them with objects like a lucky egg, you will get double the experience. And if you want to get more Pokémon , use all the pinia berries that you can, as they will give you an amount of extra candy with each successful capture you make.

Now you know all about the Community Day on November 30 of Pokémon GO . If you need more help with the Niantic game and this event, you have at your disposal our Pokémon GO guide . And do not forget that you can also read our analysis of Pokémon GO to discover more about the title for Android and iOS .

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