Pokemon GO: All of the Shiny Pokemon to Look for During the Next Community Day

First introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions on the Game Boy Color, shiny Pokemon have quickly become highly sought after by players hoping to obtain bragging rights amongst their friends – and they’re making a return in Pokemon GO. Of course, the odds of encountering these creatures are so small that it can take countless hours of grinding to locate one. However, the mobile title Pokemon GO and its developer Niantic have made to process of securing select shiny Pokemon much easier through monthly events called Community Days.

While the pattern for this has been to focus on one Pokemon for a three-hour window of availability, December’s Pokemon GO Community Day is an entirely different beast. The event will forego lasting a single day and will instead span all weekend long from November 30 at 1 pm PST to December 2 at 11 pm PST. While that’s all good and well, the premise of this Pokemon GO event will be on the 11 monsters that have previously been a focus.

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So, what does all of this mean? Well, if the Pokemon GO event increases the odds of encountering select shiny Pokemon like it has in the past, then this is the ultimate opportunity for Pokemon GO players (or even avid collectors in Pokemon Let’s Go since they can transfer Pokemon over to the Switch title) to round out their collection of rare shinies. Here is a look at the shiny variants that will be more easily obtained during December 2018’s Community Day (via TheSilphroad):

Again, shiny spawn rates are unknown as of this writing, and it’s entirely possible that Niantic will hope to keep users grinding for them by leaving the odds the same (roughly 1 in 400), but that wouldn’t make for a particularly exciting Pokemon GO Community Day. Truthfully, these odds are still noticeably higher than the standard rates of finding a shiny creature in Pokemon Let’s Go, so this event should be high on any aspiring Pokemon Master’s list of things to prepare for.

In total, six of these featured creatures (17 if including their evolutions) can make the jump from Pokemon GO to Let’s Go after being captured. Despite the fact that Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle can all be captured in Pokemon Let’s Go with relative ease, this is the best chance users will have to lock up shiny variants of each. And, who doesn’t want a shiny Charizard on their team? It’s easily the best albino-inspired variant in the games.

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