Safari Zone 2019 Montreal Update: Global Challenges and Water Preparation.

The summer of Pokemon GO Safari Zone is about to begin, just before the end of summer. The next big event will begin on September 20, 2019 and will have a physical location in Montreal. If you’re not near there, in Canada, that’s it, don’t worry! There will also be world events that will take place at the same time as the Montreal Safari Zone. All you need to do is be prepared for the objectives of the event.

Field research for Montreal Safari Zone events will begin at the same time as the physical event. The physical event will take place along the historic Gilles Villeneuve Circuit at the beautiful Parc Jean-Drapeau on Saint Helen’s Island and Notre Dame Island in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.” It sounds lovely, but because not everyone can be in Canada at the time, Niantic has facilitated everyone’s participation with some Elements of Field Research in the game around the world.

The field research of this event will have to do with the capture of Pokémon “fast” of various types. People in Montreal will have the opportunity to capture slightly rarer Pokémon focused on speed than they would otherwise see. People around the world will see an increase in the spawns of some strange Pokémon that would not otherwise be in their region.

Pokemon GO’s Instagram account is being prepared early for this September event by revealing limited-time preparatory events and mini-launches from here to the day the event begins. An example is the constellation of stars shown this Sunday. If you connect the dots ONLY the right way, it’s likely to appear with a Jirachi: cross your fingers to release it immediately!

Another event that appears before the Safari Zone is the Water Festival! This Water Festival event will arrive on August 23 at 1 p.m. PDT. That’s 3 p.m. Central Time and 4 p.m. Eastern Time. This event will take place until Friday, August 30, 2019 at 1 p.m. PDT, and will host a greater number of water-type Pokémon spawns such as Magikarp, Wooper, Wailmer worldwide.

If you’re in or near the water, you’ll find more Wartortle, Poliwhirl, Seaking, Lapras, Qwilfish, Mantine, Lotad, Feebas, Piplup, Buizel and Finneon. If you are incubating eggs, you will find more types of water of all kinds! Stay tuned as we learn more!

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