Rewards of Detective Pikachu and All the investigations

Rewards of Detective Pikachu’s movie is very close to the cinemas and Pokémon GO wants to celebrate with an event with the theme of the film. In this event, which has begun today and will last until May 17 , we will have a bonus of double experience points, new field investigations, special raid bosses and new objects to decorate our avatar. 

In addition to all this, we also have the appearance of the very same Detective Pikachu in Pokémon GO and we have told you how to get to him . In this article, we will review the new field research and its rewards. They are a total of four, and one of them has a very interesting rewardthe possibility of meeting Ditto .

These are the four new field investigations and their rewards of the Detective Pikachu event:

  • Catch a seed Pokémon that has been seen near the river (Catch a Bulbasaur): Trecko.
  • Catch a water type Pokémon that is transported in a backpack (Catch a Psyduck): Magikarp.
  • Catch Eevee’s fire evolution (Catch a Flareon): Arcanine.
  • Catch 10 Jigglypuff, Aipom or Snubbull: Ditto.

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