Niantic’s summer of events in Pokémon Go continues with an update to its research tasks and research breakthroughs.

Starting today until September 1, Pokémon Go trainers will be able to obtain a previously uncatchable Shiny Pokémon as a reward from a research task. Here’s all the information you need to know about the updated research tasks and breakthroughs.


The big update to the research tasks is the return of Spinda in its Form 8 pattern. What makes the return of this Spinda special is it has a chance to appear in its Shiny variant, the first time this species has received its Shiny in Pokémon Go.

However, it doesn’t seem like the other research tasks have changed with the latest update. We’ll update if a new task pops up.

To get a chance at Shiny Spinda, you’ll need to complete the following research task:

  • Make 5 Great Curveballs in a Row – Spinda #8 (Shiny chance)

Pokémon Go Fest Dortmund is taking place the weekend of July 7 and there will likely be new research tasks released in conjunction with it. Known dataminer Chrales has found the following information regarding the research tasks.


The research breakthroughs in Pokémon Go will offer new Legendary Pokémon for trainers to catch in July and August.

Latios and Latias will remain a part of the research breakthroughs, but Lugia and Ho-Oh are now replaced by Groudon and Kyogre. Both Hoenn region Legendaries have a chance to appear in their Shiny forms.

Shiny Groudon is neon green, while Shiny Kyogre is pink.


The latest special research tasks in Pokémon Go has already begun and gives new players a chance to get some rare and powerful Pokémon. It’s also a great way to earn essential items like incubators and Raid Passes.

Even if you’re a longtime player, receiving extra experience and incubators is always a good thing. Here’s every special research task with its rewards.

Step 1

  • Make a new friend – 5000 experience
  • Catch three Pokémon with Weather boost – 5000 experience
  • Hatch an Egg – 5000 experience

Completion Rewards:: Two lucky eggs, Dratini Encounter, 15,000 stardust

Step 2

  • Evolve a Dratini – 10,000 experience
  • Take a snapshot of Dratini – 30 Dratini candy
  • Earn a candy with your buddy – 30 Dratini Candy

Completion Rewards: One Raid Pass, 15,000 stardust, and two lucky eggs

Step 3

  • Power up Pokémon 10 times – 15,000 experience
  • Battle a trainer in Great League: 15,000 experience
  • Battle in a Raid – 15,000 experience

Completion Rewards: Two lucky egg, 15k xp, and two star pieces

Step 4

  • Catch five different species of Pokémon – Chimchar
  • Catch a Legendary Pokémon from either breakthrough or raid – Piplup
  • Hatch three Eggs: Turtwig

Completion Rewards: Two Lucky eggs, Shiny Eevee, 15,000 stardust

Step 5

  • Take a Snapshot of Eevee – 30,000 experience
  • Send five gifts to friends – 30,000 experience
  • Trade three Pokémon – 30,000 experience

Completion rewards: Lapras, 30,000 experience, two lucky eggs

Step 6

  • Make a new friend – 60 Dratini Candy
  • Win a level three or higher Raid – 60 Dratini Candy
  • Evolve a Dragonair – 100,000 experience

Completion Rewards: Two Lucky Eggs, 100,000 experience, 15,000 stardust

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