Rayquaza and all the raid bosses (August 2019)

After the visit of Mewtwo Battleship, the rotation of the eighth month of the season brings with it new leaders in raids of all levels.

Niantic has applied the rotation of raid bosses in Pokémon GO for this August. During this eighth month of the year and after the farewell of Mewtwo Battleship , it is time to welcome Rayquaza , which will be available until September 2 in shiny form, as we tell you in this guide to beat him. But here we go on to detail all the raid bosses at all levels.

To identify the level of a raid, the pink ones will be level 1 or 2; those of yellow of 3 or 4 and, finally, the eggs of dark color will be those of level 5. It is advisable not to do alone the missions of level 4; In the case of level 3 only if you have good teams and you are Coaches of lvl 36 or more.

  • Level 1 : Bagon, Shinx, Snorunt and Swablu.

All of them with the possibility of appearing in shiny / variocolor form.

  • Level 2 : Exeggutor of Alola, Cloyster, Kirlia, Mawile and Sneasel.

All with probability of appearance shiny / variocolor except Cloyster and Kirlia.

  • Level 3 : Aerodactyl, Raichu de Alola, Jynx, Onix and Piloswine.

All of them with the possibility of appearing in shiny / variocolor form except Jynx and Piloswine.

  • Level 4 : Marowak of Alola, Dragonite, Granbull, Lapras and Togetic.

Alola and Lapras Marowak with the possibility of appearing in shiny / variocolor form.

Rayquaza - Pokémon GO
Rayquaza – Pokémon GO

EX Level Raids – Deoxys Speed ​​Form

We remind you that to find Deoxys Speed ​​Form you need to have a pass for those to which only Coaches who have obtained an EX Raid pass can enter.

These passes can be achieved by winning a raid in an EX Gym (if a gym is or is not EX indicated in the upper right of each). We remember that EX Raids have stipulated hours and specific places to which we have to move, we cannot choose them.

The Community Day this August will be celebrated on Day 3 with Ralts as the main protagonist; Ideal opportunity to have a good Gardevoir or Gallade with exclusive movement.

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