New features of the 1.107.1 / 0.139.1 update of Pokémon GO

A new update of Pokémon GO is beginning to be implemented on Android, and an iOS version is expected in a few days. This update of the game takes Pokémon GO to version 1.107.1 / 0.139.1 and includes some new features and are the following:

  • Add a new feature called Lucky Friends . This feature allows you to become a lucky friend with another player. This means that your next exchange with them will guarantee a lucky Pokémon. At the moment, it is not clear which mechanisms unlock this feature and when it will be active.
  • Add a new feature to allow Pokémon GO notifications to stack together .
  • Add the new search tag to find your Pokémon “Costume”. This allows you to search for Pokémon with items of events such as Pikachu with cap, Squirtle with sunglasses and Eevee with flower crown.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality video game based on the location developed by Niantic, Inc. for iOS and Android devices. It is a free video game but it contains microtransactions. The game consists of finding and capturing characters from the Pokémon saga hidden in real world locations and fighting with them, which means physically moving through the streets of the city to progress. The application involves an element of social interaction, since it promotes physical meetings of users in different locations of their populations.

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