An Investigation was found in Pokémon GO points to the new form of Mewtwo

We get an interesting news from Pokémon GO . As you know, the dataminers of the app do not rest and their latest find is really interesting.

Apparently, in the game the identifier was found under the name “Mewtwo_A”  which also has two different forms called “Mewtwo_A_Intro” and “Mewtwo_A_Normal”. It is believed that these could be related to animations in this way.

After this finding, numerous sources have begun to speculate with the possibility that this finding is related to the rumored form of Mewtwo with armor (A = Armored) . Remember that several items of merchandise had pointed to the existence of this form by the Pokémon.

It is believed that this could be related to an event centered on the next Pokémon movie , which as you know has Mewtwo as the protagonist and in it the Pokémon appears with a kind of armor. Other sources also speculate on the possibility of it being related to the rumored form with Pokémon Sword and Shield armor for Nintendo Switch.

We will be attentive to more details; Meanwhile, what do you think?

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