Pokémon Rumble Rush new video game for iOS/Android

Pokémon Rumble Rush: the new video game for iOS and Android The Pokéland project revived today with the announcement of Pokémon Rumble Rush , a free game for iOS and Android based on the Pikachu franchise.

The owners of one of the most successful franchises of all time have started a series of advertisements for new games. The latter has fallen by surprise today, it is Pokémon Rumble Rush , a free video game that will come for iOS and Android and will extend the saga that appeared on other Nintendo consoles. It is the same project that started two years ago with the name of Pokéland .

This new title has been developed entirely by The Pokémon Company and although it will be available for free for iOS and Android , it is probably not related to Pokémon GO, the Niantic video game released in 2016.

Pokémon Rumble Rush traces its roots back to 2017, when it was announced with several beta versions and with the name of Pokémon. The project has also been reborn in Japan with the name of Pokémon Rumble SP .

One of the countries that can already enjoy this new mobile experience is Australia, from where it can already be downloaded on Google Play. The developers claim that the global launch will be a few, that is, from country to country, this to ensure the best performance of their servers. However, as expected, many users around the world are looking for the Pokémon Rumble apk all over the network.

Will this represent the end of Pokémon GO ? Certainly, we doubt it, since the game of Niantic continues being one of the videojuegos and until more downloaded applications, with wax of 1,000 million downloads.

Pokémon Rumble Rush: playability

According to the description of the game in Google Play Australia, Pokémon Rumble Rush will allow us to improve our Pokémon in terms of enhancing their abilities and improving the damage points they inflict. The attacks will be made by means of simple touches on the screen and the tactile gestures in our cell phone will allow us to advance through the world made up of different islands.

won’t be the only new game

It is necessary to clarify that this title is not the same one that is being developed by DeNa (those who also develop Mario Kart Tour) in alliance with The Pokémon Company, which is scheduled for March of 2020.

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