Pokémon GO will no longer be compatible with Apple Watch

Niantic announced that as of July 1, Pokémon GO will no longer be compatible with Apple Watch devices.

This measure that will prevent the users of those devices from continuing to use them in the game comes because the features offered by the synchronization of Apple Watch and Pokémon GO would be redundant with what is offered by the Adventure Sync or Sincroaventura function.

“Sincroaventura offers Trainers the option to track their steps, get Caramels for walking with their peers and hatch Eggs in only a mobile device, without the need to have 2 different devices,” said Niantic. “We want to focus on continuing to improve Sincroaventura so that Coaches do not have to divide their gaming experience between two devices.”

The version of Pokémon Go for Apple Watch allowed players to monitor their steps, collect candies, incubate eggs and receive notifications when a Pokémon was nearby without the need to open the application.

In that sense, while some of those functions could have been obsolete with the Adventure Sync, the Apple Watch also allowed to collect items from Poképaradas, something that for now said feature does not offer. So we will have to wait to see if those responsible for the game implement changes in that regard.

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