Pokémon Go: We tell you how to beat Virizion in a simple way

In order to beat Virizion so in Pokémon Go, you need to know his weaknesses and the Pokémon that are most effective against him.

The legendary Pokémon Virizion came to Pokémon Go and with this, raid battles came again that seem almost impossible to win, this is because not many know what are the best attacks and the types of Pokémon that can help overcome it easily . So here we will tell you what you can do about it.

Best partner against Virizion

Virizion will be available in raid fighting until January 7, 2020, so it is important that, if you want to catch it, use the best techniques to make it easier to achieve.

Being this legendary creature of the Grass and Fight type, this is four times weaker against Flying-type movements. Besides that it is weak against movements like Fire, Ice, Psychic, Fairy and Insect.

So the most advisable is to use Flying Pokémon to cause the greatest possible damage in the shortest time and make the most of each excursion pass.

As for the creatures that can do more damage to this legendary, we have three great options, which are :

  • Moltres with “Wing Attack” and “Airstrike”
  • Honchkrow with “Peck” and “Air Attack”
  • Rayquaza with “Air Shortcut” and “Air Attack”

In case you do not have these three Pokémon, remember that it is not vital that you have them, as long as you can go to battle with strong creatures against Virizion, preferably you should include in your team some who have those attacks already mentioned .

After you have defeated him, remember that everything is in the hands of luck and your good ability to throw a pokeball, since they do not always stay inside, so be very careful and always use berries to help you capture this powerful creature legendary .

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