Pokémon GO Ultra Bonus: rewards of week 2

In  Pokemon Go,  for some days we will be able to enjoy  exclusive rewards in the framework of the Ultra Bonus Event. They are several weeks and, during each week, there will be different rewards of limited duration. As the new week of the event approaches, we discover what are the reasons why we should turn on our mobile and start playing as long as possible. These are the  rewards that you will get in Week 2 of the Ultra Bonus Event.

Rewards of Week 2 of Pokémon Go Ultra Bonus

The  rewards that will be available during Week 2 of the Ultra Bonus Event, from the Pokémon Go videogame, we already know. Again we will have the advantage of being able to hatch 7-kilometer eggs to get Pokémon exclusive to the Kanto region in our Pokédex; This includes Kangaskgan, Mr. Mime. Tauros and Farfetch’d. And also, in the Kanto region we will be able to find exclusive Shiny versions of Pokémon. So, during this second week, we can get  Shiny Kangaskhan, Shiny Mr. Mime, Shiny Tauros and Shiny Farfetch’d.

Once again, it is time to carry our eggs on top because the incubator has been accelerated for this whole week, and therefore we will be able to hatch the eggs in  half the distance. And this time, for Week 2 of the Ultra Bonus Event of Pokémon Go, we will be able to get all the forms of Deoxys during the raids.

Rewards of Week 1 of Pokémon Go Ultra Bonus

The  Week 1  event  Ultra Bonus , Pokemon Go, gives us the possibility to get U, L, T, R and A forms  Unown . In addition to this there are more advantages such as, for example, that 10-kilometer eggs can hatch. And in relation to the same thing, the effectiveness of the incubator will be temporarily improved  . That is, during the days of Week 1 of the Ultra Bonus Event of Pokémon Go, it is best to carry eggs constantly while we are traveling by bicycle.

To all the above we must add that, during this first week  Ultra Bonus of Pokémon Go it will be more possible to get some Legendary Pokémon such as Entei, Suicune and Raikou in the raids. Also, during the event, in its first week, we can find creatures like Gligar variocolor or Shiny, and Sentret easier.

Groudon appears on the streets as part of a new Japanese Pokémon GO ad

It seems that the marketing efforts of The Pokemon Company and Niantic do not cease to continue promoting Pokémon GO , the popular mobile game that once was a mass success.

That way, this week, as several users have warned, both companies have been putting up big posters promoting legendary Pokémon that can be obtained in the game in question. At the moment, the one that has been uploaded to the network has been the Groudon that you see above , but we would not be surprised if the rest are soon found.

What do you think? Are you still playing this title? Leave it in the comments!

Groudon appears on the streets as part of a new Japanese Pokémon GO ad

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