Pokémon GO the 20 best Pokémon in defense

Pokémon GO has changed a lot during these two and a half years. When the third anniversary of the successful.

Niantic videogame for iOS and Android approaches , the presence of numerous gyms, raids and, above all, the PVP , make it essential to have a team armed with good attackers, defenders and Pokémon endowed with lots of stamina. Today we have to talk about tanks .

One of the essential elements if we want to succeed in a raid. Sometimes there is no better attack than a good defense. We review the best.

While the stamina is elementary to defend a gym, that is why having more life points is a priority to last there as long as possible, defense is one of the most important attributes for raids; especially in those where we face legendary species.

If there is something that characterizes the legendary Pokémon , such as Palkia, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Giratina, Latios, Latias … just to mention some of the most recent ones, they are very aggressive and have huge offensive values. That is why, although we must go to these raids with good attackers, if we do not have a good defense will end with us in a flash. Do not be surprised, therefore, not to see here Pokémon like Alakazam, whose attack is lethal but his defense pales.

On the contrary, apparently weak Pokémon are true shock mattresses, like many others of steel and rock type, the defensive ones by antonomasia. Without further ado, here we leave the full list with the 20 Pokémon with the best defense of Pokémon GO .

  • Shuckle [bug / rock type, 396 defense points]
  • Deoxys (defense form) [psychic type, 330 defense points]
  • Lugia [legendary psychic / flying type, 310 defense points]
  • Regirock [legendary rock type, 309 defense points]
  • Regice [legendary ice type, 309 defense points]
  • Bastiodon [rock / steel type, 286 defense points]
  • Registeel [legendary steel type, 285 defense points]
  • Steelix [steel / ground type, 272 defense points]
  • Cresselia [legendary psychic type, 258 defense points]
  • Aggron [steel / rock type, 257 defense points]
  • Cloyster [water type, 256 defense points]
  • Dusknoir [ghost type, 254 defense points]
  • Latias [legendary dragon / psychic type, 246 defense points]
  • Ho-Oh [legendary fire / flying type, 244 defense points]
  • Umbreon [sinister type, 240 defense points]
  • Articuno [legendary ice / flying type, 236 defense points]
  • Suicune [legendary water type, 235 defense points]
  • Dusclops [ghost type, 234 defense points]
  • Onix [land type, 232 defense points]
  • Claydol [psychic / earth type, 229 defense points]
  • Metagross [psychic / steel type, 228 defense points]
  • Kyogre [legendary water type, 228 defense points]
  • Groudon [legendary land guy, 228 defense points]

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