Pokémon GO temporarily withdraws Team Rocket and Dark Pokémon because of mistakes

Pokémon GO is one of the most popular and most successful mobile video games , as it has recently been known that it has achieved 2.6 billion dollars in revenue . The Niantic star title maintains its philosophy of incorporating novelties that improve the user experience, such as straw hat Pikachu or the expected arrival of Team Rocket and Dark Pokémon . However, the latter have not lasted long in the application since they have been temporarily removed due to errors .

The mobile game based on the well-known pocket monster franchise surprised a few days ago announcing the arrival of Team Rocket and Dark Pokémon to the application , something that users of the well-known title had long awaited. Unfortunately, and as announced on ComicBook , these new additions have presented a series of launch errors that, as a consequence, produced a large number of failures. For example, one of the bugs caused the application to close automatically when trying to carry out a battle against Team Rocket.

Niantic, given these unexpected failures, has had no choice but to remove the new features of Pokémon GO, both Team Rocket and Dark Pokémon . The company is currently working on solving these errors as soon as possible. To avoid any alarm, the official Twitter account of Pokémon GO has wanted to announce this measure with some subtlety.

Both features presented a series of

In a tweet, Pokémon GO has announced “a mysterious disappearance” of these characteristics and that Pokémon experts are investigating the whole thing. Specifically, the tweet says: “Professor Willow has noticed that he has stopped seeing Poképaradas and faded Pokémon wrapped in a bleak aura … suddenly? Hmm… The more we investigate this phenomenon, it becomes more and more worrying . ”

For now, wait to know when the return of Team Rocket and Dark Pokémon to Pokémon GO will take place. Meanwhile, if you are playing the star play of Niantic, remember to be alert at all times when you enjoy Pokémon GO to avoid any danger and not to disturb others. In the same way, avoid going on an adventure in hot daylight hours .


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