Pokémon GO: Team Rocket’s special investigation task revealed

In the next few days, Pokémon GO players will have to face Team Rocket and release Dark Pokémon by following a special investigation task whose details have come to light thanks to the dataminer Chrales, a shower in the revelation of novelties of the Niantic game before Your official presentation

This new special research task will be called “A problematic situation” and will have three steps . In the course of the mission we will discover Team GO Rocket, we will see that the Poképaradas taken by this evil team will change color and show a letter “R”, and we will have to catch Dark Pokémon (which we saw for the first time in the adventures of GameCube Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Dark Tempest ; however, it seems that in the iPhone and Android app they will be called Shadow Pokémon ).

The first of the three steps will lead players to fight Team Go Rocket and increase the power of Pokémon. The following has to do with the capture of Dark Pokémon, and the defeat of them (which suggests that we will see these creatures in the Raids).

From the third bit, there is not much detail in the dialogue extracted by the dataminer. There is talk of purifying Shadow Pokémon , but it is not clear how that mechanic will work. It is also mentioned that once a Dark Pokémon has been purified, it will change its Frustration movement to another called Return.

The leak also reveals that there will be six new achievements , three of them related to Team Rocket; a new movement; and a good handful of Shadow Pokémon from different generations (Dragonite, Swampert and Magmortar appear, to name a few) whose complete list you can consult in this link.

The Shadow Pokémon update is now available

The Pokémon GO update that will introduce all this content has been available for two days. On iPhone it is version 1,117.0, occupies 281.2 MB and includes the following:

  • New challenges: face Team GO Rocket
  • Shadow Pokémon: catch the mysterious Shadow Pokémon left by Team GO Rocket. Is there any way to help these Pokémon?
  • New valuation tool: now you can know much more about your Pokémon.
  • Combat Minigames: Loaded attacks now include new mini-games.

Pokémon GO is available on iPhone and Android .

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