Pokémon GO: reveal secret of catching Mewtwo

Pokémon GO: Reveal secret of catching Mewtwo

As a reward for players ‘ dedication to the goals of Professor Willow’s Global research challenge, Niantic has announced that he will celebrate with a special Ultrabonus event in Pokémon GO.

As part of the event, Mewtwo returns to Pokémon GO, as the first time was available only for coaches invited to the EX-RAIDS. Given the ease with which this Pokémon can be captured now, then we will tell you everything you need to know to capture Mewtwo in Pokémon GO. The time that will be available, the best Pokémon to fight with it and much more.

Everything you need to know to capture Mewtwo

Dates and hours of Availability.

Mewtwo is available from September 20 to October 23 in the RAIDS.

Best Pokémon to cope With.

Taking into account the weaknesses of Mewtwo, ie, the Pokémon of the type bug, Phantom and sinister, These would be the best Pokémon and Movements (fast and Main) to Defeat:

Gengar: Misfortune and Shadow Bag.
Mewtwo: psychocorte/confusion and Shadow Ball.
Tyranitar: biting and shredding.
Banette: Shady Claw and shadow Ball.
Scizor: cut fury and scissors X.
Absol: Scream and Pulse Shady.
Rayquaza: Dragon Tail and Anger.
Pinsir: Sting and Scissors X.
Houndoom: scream and Foul play.

Possibility of capturing shiny Mewtwo.

of course, There’s a chance that you can find a shiny Mewtwo. The more Mewtwo derrotéis, the more chances you’ll have to find One.

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