Pokémon GO: Research awards disappoint fans who completed them

We were all excited about the arrival of Jirachi to Pokémon GO for the third anniversary. But the disappointment was greater when we discovered all the research awards.

The special research awards for the third anniversary event in Pokémon GO are already well known. But the disappointment has been strong in the fans who, excited by the arrival of Jirachito the game, saw how their efforts turned out to be in vain.

ORIGINAL NOTE: The popular augmented reality videogame Pokémon GO celebrates its third anniversary with a great event that promises missions and bonuses. One of the first surprises seemed to be Jirachi, magical pokémon of the third generation that arrives for the first time at the Niantic game. Many assumed that the creature would be the maximum reward of special investigations.

The event for the third anniversary of Pokémon GO has promised to bring a large number of bonuses, rewards and missions. The event organized by Niantic will last five days until July 6, anniversary day.

Jirachi arrives for the first time at the Niantic game and everything points to it being captured in the same way as Mew, Celebi. However, last-minute information showed all the rewards in the six steps of the investigation and the magic pokémon still does not figure.

To capture Jirachi in Pokémon GO , who never appeared next to the other creatures of the third generation, we will have to carry out special investigations:

  1. Make three new friends
  2. Take photos of various creatures captured in different habitats throughout GO Fest
  3. Capture three Unown
  4. Exchange three pokémon captured from more than 100 km away.
  5. Take photos of Jirachi as soon as you capture

These are missions filtered by dataminers that may be subject to change. However, there are already several pages on Facebook and more social networks that share more and more missions to ensure a copy of Pokémon . Check them in the gallery.

Step 1:

  1. Make a new friend: 5000 Reward XP
  2. Capture three Pokémon powered by the weather: 5,000 XP reward.
  3. Make an egg hatch: 5,000 XP reward.

Rewards: 2 Lucky Eggs, encounter with a Pokémon (Dratini) and 15,000 Star Dusts.

Step 2:

  1. Get a walking candy with your partner: 30 Dratini candies.
  2. Take a picture of Dratini: 30 Caramels by Dratini.
  3. Evolution to Dratini: 10.000 XP of reward.

Rewards: 2 Premium Raid Passes, 15,000 Star Dust and 1 Lucky Egg.

Step 3 :

  1. Give power to a Pokémon 10 times
  2. Fight against a coach in the Great League
  3. Combat in 1 raid

Rewards: 2 Lucky Egg, 15,000 XP and 2 Star Pieces.

Step 4:

  1. Catch 5 different Pokémon species: Encounter with Chimchar.
  2. Catch a legendary (in research or raids): Encounter with Piplup.
  3. Hatch 3 eggs: Encounter with Turtwig.

Rewards: 2 Egg Suertes, Encounter with Eeeve Shiny / Variocolor and 15,000 Stellar Powders.

Step 5:

  1. Take a picture of Eevee. 30,000 XP reward.
  2. Send 5 gifts to friends: 30,000 reward XP.
  3. Exchange 3 Pokémon: 30,000 reward XP.

Rewards: Encounter with Lapras, 30,000 XP and 2 Lucky Egg.

Step 6:

  1. Take a picture of Eeeve: 60 Caramels by Dratini.
  2. Win a Level 3 or Superior Inquisition: 60 Dratini Candies.
  3. Evolution to Dragonair: 100,000 XP.

Rewards: 2 Lucky Eggs, 100,000 XP and 15,000 Stellar Powders.

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