Pokémon GO: Registeel, the legendary Pokémon of Hoenn arrives to Pokémon GO

Registeel, the legendary Pokémon of Hoenn arrives

The second of the three Hoenn Regis will be available in the raids until August 16th.

We are in the middle of summer and want to go out for a while to enjoy the good weather and the breeze that leaves the night. The rest of the day… better to stay at home and avoid the sun. But there is always some reason to go out, and some do not hesitate to take a walk at any time to reinforce their team of Pokémon GO. You will now have the opportunity to do so in the new raids with Registeel.

The second region enters the scene.


Not long ago ended the event Regice, the legendary Pokémon of the region of Hoenn. It was a good incorporation your template, not only because of its power, also the number of types that the ice is able to cope with fluency. But one of its weaknesses is steel, material of which is made another of these curious creatures that govern in the Editions Ruby and Sapphire.

His name is Registeel, the legendary steel of Pokémon GO. From today until August 16 you will find it in the incursions of the application, waiting for you and your friends to show that you are worthy of their power. Remember that you must bring creatures of fire, struggle and land, or else the combat will make you very difficult.

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