Pokémon GO: Professor Willow’s research; publishes a new Team GO Rocket report

Niantic lets the Coaches know new details of the teacher’s documents, which highlights the arrival of a new object for the game.

Niantic has published a new statement about Professor Willow’s research on Pokémon GO . After the irruption of Team GO Rocket and leaving several files on his computer corrupt , a new document under the name of [Professor Willow’s Report] Mysterious Components reports the arrival of a new device that we see in the image.

What is this new object? New research tasks?

“While investigating these invasions, I have noticed the existence of these strange objects that Team GO Rocket Recruits leave behind after their defeat in combat,” he begins. According to the name he has used for now, he refers to them as “Mysterious Components” and believes that they serve for Team GO Rocket Recruits to invade the PokéStops and collect resources.

Until now we knew that many PokéStops were invaded by Team GO Rocket Recruits; However, we didn’t know how you got it. Now everything indicates that it is through the use of this object. “However, considering how advanced this technology is, they must have another use,” he says. “We have to get to the heart of the matter,” he concludes, which suggests that there will soon be new field research tasks, as well as months ago, with which to continue advancing in the discovery of the plans of this team of rivals captained by Giovanni.

In fact, it is precisely Giovanni’s presence one of the things that Pokémon GO players are most wondering about. We have seen his silhouette, but he has not yet made an explicit appearance.

What’s new in Pokémon GO in October and November

As a review, we remember that during the remaining days of October we have Darkrai in the Legends Raids; there are also new dark Pokémon from Team GO Rocket and, finally, Regigigas will be available for only one day in the EX Raids.

This week the GO Fighting League , the competitive online game mode for 2020 , has been confirmed. You have all the details here .

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