Pokémon GO offers a monthly subscription to create pokestops and gyms

One of the elements that move the Pokémon GOplayers is undoubtedly their Pokestops and Gyms , and now small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of these key points to benefit their business.

As announced by Niantic , a developer of the app , a monthly subscription service will be implemented to convert our business into a pokestops ($ 30 per month) or a Pokémon gym ($ 60 per month). The developer has informed that this new service can be enjoyed from this winter, at which point an early access will be launched .

The “premium version” of this service would also give the possibility of forming Raids Battles to concentrate more traffic around your business. It should be noted that this service has only been announced for business in the United States for now, although we do not rule out that the idea arrives in Spain if it finally succeeds.

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