Pokémon go: All the novelties of the greatest update seen so far + VIDEO

The mechanics of the gyms will change completely in Pokémon go with these new features of fight in the gyms

  • After a year of waiting, one of the great upgrades of the augmented reality game, # Pokémon go, is about to be launched, bringing with it one of the characteristics that most eagerly generated among the regular users. Find out everything in the next lines.
  • Recently, in an ad through all of its channels, the official Pokémon go account, they revealed the new features to be inserted into the game, within which are the cooperative fight against a powerful Pokémon, as advertised for everything great in their ad promotion, which although true, had Mewtwo as the great Pokémon to beat , he wouldn’t be the only one of his kind to stand up to a group of coaches going after him.

These are all news on Pokémon go that will be added in the next update, confirmed by the official account of the game itself.

New features in Pokémon gyms

  • You can now rotate your photos as you do in the Poké stops, you can now get objects in it.
  • Gyms will have 6 permanent locations, no more, no less, which will be available again if the Pokémon who occupies it loses its motivation by losing battles. This motivation will go up when you win battles or if the coach gives you berries. If the Pokémon loses its motivation completely, it will return to its coach by losing its next battle.
  • Additionally, this motivational system will cause the Pokémon to gradually lower their PC which will make them easier to beat.
  • There will be no Pokémon repeated in the gyms, so now the 6 positions will be occupied by different Pokémon.
  • Opposing teams will fight with their Pokémon in the order in which they were placed, that is, they cannot replace any one in battle until it has been weakened. In case the Challenger team is the same as the one who controls the gym, changes can be made as usual.
  • Gym medals will be added, which, in addition to being a souvenir of the fights you had, will be able to go up level, when fighting, giving berries to your Pokémon or turning the disco of the gym where you won it, which will allow you to get better items in the gym.

RAID mechanics, cooperative struggles

Eventually a RAID event will appear in the gyms, in which you’ll have to fight a powerful Pokémon after the score reaches zero on top of it.

To participate, you will have to have achieved a pass, which you will get when you rotate the PhotoDisc of the gym previously, being able to have only one pass at a time. This pass will allow you, along with up to 20 other players, to fight a powerful Pokémon, who after being defeated within the 5-minute time limit will allow you the chance to capture stronger than normal creatures.

New objects

  • Technical machines are added, obtained after defeating a raid boss, which will allow you to teach a Pokémon a fast or load movement, depending on the type of Mt you find.
  • You’ll find rare candies, which if given to a Pokémon will become the type of candy that it needs. They are also obtained after a successful cooperative struggle.
  • Golden Frambu berries will be the new type of Berry introduced into the game, which will allow you to capture wild Pokémon much more easily, as well as being able to fully raise the motivation of a Pokémon in a gym.

As we see, there are many good things in the game, so the game is expected to be as successful again as it was a year ago.

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