Slakoth: Niantic will repeat Slakoth Community Day

Pokémon GO: Slakoth will return in late summer

This time the S comes from Adventures of creatures Rock type Pokémon Go coincided with the Community Day June. The festival featured Slakoth as the protagonist and took place this past Saturday. In its beginnings, everything worked fine but during the event the reports of server failures began to grow . Many trainers from Europe, Africa and the Middle East reported errors such as sudden closures of the app, which is why Niantic has made official the return of the event. 

During the event the coaches will have the opportunity to get Slakoth with perfect stats in their shiny version, once again. The Slakoth appearances will be multiplied and will be accompanied by classic Pokémon GO Community Days bonuses, as new field missions. Players can get research with which to qualify for bonuses such as pokéballs, berries and powders.

We do not know the date on which the event will return

Niantic has not revealed anything but, as it has commented on his Twitter, the event will be repeated with the same conditions. This means that the distance needed to hatch eggs will also be reduced by a quarter and that the Pokémon will learn the “Body Strike” movement as it evolves. Niantic has acknowledged his mistake and wanted to apologize for it; for the moment the date is a mystery, we only know that it will return “later this summer”. 

With this initiative to repeat the event Niantic has shown that they listen to complaints and seek to satisfy their players.

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